Samsung Jet for £114.95 + £10 topup less £7.50 quico

Samsung Jet for £114.95 + £10 topup less £7.50 quico

Found 30th Jul 2010
Samsung Jet Clearance
Fast touch screen phone (800Mhz cpu) with GPS, 3G, 3.1" 800x480 AMOLED screen and 5mp camera

Excellent at this price.
Clearance phones are either returns or phone stock that is in excess and are in mint/new condition.
Also worth mentioning a nice Samsung leather slip case is available (optional extra) which uncoverers only the microphone and receive button for answering calls without having to take out of case.

Also remember that Samsung has the lowest SAR values!

Great reviews:…php

Samsung info. (note that Jet Ultra is same with different things in box)…ail


My dad has this phone on Orange. It was sold to him as having free satnav out of the box. It turned out to be Route 66 and was going to cost him iirc £60 per year to activate. I told him to return it as mis-sold, but he didn't. He now regrets buying it.

I tried to install Orange's satnav software, but it fails, despite saying the device is compatible.

I also tried to install Google's Latitude, but it's not compatible with this device. Although Google Maps appears to work IF you can get a lock from the poor GPS harware this phone has.

i have this. I dont love it, like my previous samsungs but its okay

I paid 200 :'(

My girlfriend has one of these, terrible phone.

What to do with powerful cpu when you've not powerful apps to make use of it or unleash it....
I was a big fan boy of nokia before....but with the advent of Iphone and Android apps....i made nokia redendant and went for Android purely for apps.....
for me its a waste of money to spend on this.

check out jetdroid - android on samsung jet... google it :-)
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