Samsung LE26R87BDX £399 at costco with 3 year warranty

Samsung LE26R87BDX £399 at costco with 3 year warranty

Found 5th Jan 2008
Samsung LE26R87BDX wide screed LCD television £399, this is a similar price to the best prices on the net, but comes with a free 3 year warranty, which has to be worth something, works brilliantly with my xbox 360 and is excellent with DVD's.


Good price, good telly. I got mine for £360 delivered, but Costco's customer service is awesome and would easily have been worth another £40.

26 inch is perfect for my living room.

As far as i know all samsung LCD screens come with 3 year samsung warranty, I bought a 37 inch tv from comet (LE37R87BDX), this had 3yr, a 20 inchtv (SM2032MW) from ebuyer also had this and so did a 22 inch lcd monitor (SM2232BW) from PCWorld.

Im not going to vote but if someone bought the same thing for £40 less even with good customer service I think this deal is pretty poor.

I have took stuff back to costco and no matter what it is they just say [do you want a refund?].

£399 for a 26"? No thanks =\
Overpriced just because it has a Samsung badge on it.


£399 for a 26"? No thanks =\Overpriced just because it has a Samsung … £399 for a 26"? No thanks =\Overpriced just because it has a Samsung badge on it.

and Saumsung's dont even produced very good tv's....good if you colour blind or cant even detect panel bleed and like glossy reflective screens and rubbish picture quality...the panny 100hz range are the only lcd's i'd consider (unless you want spend alot of money on a Loewe lcd but for that money you may as well buy a pioneer kuro plasma)

I would have to disagree with you there. Samsung TVs are all highly rated in the reviews. Are you confusing Samsung with Sony? Sony is defo overpriced. Panny 100Hz range is still the one to go for though - you're correct with that.

There's not much of a price differential between 26" and 32" in general as the makers believe that there is more of a market for 32" or larger screens. But that trend is changing as many people want smaller sets for the bedroom or kitchen as they already have a larger LCD TV in the living room as the main display.

]Click here for review of LE26R87

This is still a great price though if it's still available as many other retailers are out of stock for this.

BT Shop is selling this for £409.99. With Quidco you get 2.5% cashback so you effectively pay £398.72. At least another £2 off if you use a cashback credit card, £19.94 if you have the AMEX Platinum 5% cashback card. But then you don't get the 3 year warranty. Voted hot!
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