Samsung LE40A686 + BD-P1500 Blu-Ray Player £799 @ John Lewis (5 year warranty, free delivery)

Samsung LE40A686 + BD-P1500 Blu-Ray Player £799 @ John Lewis (5 year warranty, free delivery)

Found 12th Nov 2008
* 40"
* 1080p
* 100Hz
* 50,000:1 contrast ratio
* 4 HDMI, 2 Scart
* Freeview
* Blu-Ray player is profile 2.0

Currently showing as out of stock online, but when I rang up the Oxford Street store they had some available for delivery and the Brent Cross store had some available for collection.

(My first deal, so please be nice!)


Why cold, this looks like a good deal to me? Voted HOT:p

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This model is not yet on the UK samsung website, but full specs (and a lot of other information) available in this thread:…tml

I still don't understand why this is being voted cold. It really annoys me when so many people vote cold, and give no reason. Especially when it is someones first post:x
If you don't tell people why something isn't a good deal, they may never submit another.
A bit of positive encouragement for the new guys please.

Agree, not sure why its voted cold so can why don'tt people give a reason?

isn't this TV £729 in Dixons with a 1 year Guarentee and no Player?:?

voted hot.. considering the 5year warranty and free blu-ray player.. even tho im looking for a sony LCD

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Thanks for sticking up for me guys!

@Zolasfoot: the one on Dixons is an identical panel, but an older revision of the styling. There is a £25 off voucher though:…de/

But you're right, that one doesn't come with the guarantee and the blu-ray player

have some heat

their 5 year guarantee is **** tho.

repairs up to the market value of the tv.
usually its outsourced to a local repair company.

the more you have repaired, the less is left on your warranty.


their 5 year guarantee is **** tho.repairs up to the market value of the … their 5 year guarantee is **** tho.repairs up to the market value of the tv.usually its outsourced to a local repair company.the more you have repaired, the less is left on your warranty.

i heard good things about john lewis' warranty :?

its a fantasic deal. some people dont have a clue. if you can find it cheaper, the please notify others.

by the way OP, the contrast is 50,000:1 not 5000:1. thats the beuty of the 6 series

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Cheers shahsoldier, duly updated


i heard good things about john lewis' warranty :?


The "everything is wonderful" about John Lewis myth perpetuates itself by these sorts of comments.
The practice is very different to the myth, and they are no different to any other big name retailer - pretty poor, with lots of being fobbed off, & messed about deliveries :-(

bear in mind I work for DSGI (who don't offer any kind of free extended service at all-good thing or bad thing, I don't care, I just work for them to pay my bills, I have no moral barometer when it comes to company loyalty. I like the shop I work at and people I work with and products we sell, but it could be any company and I wouldnt be bothered!!!) but heres what we were told about John Lewis and indeed most peoples FREE 5 year warranties.
Someone will have to correct me if they know any different.

if you buy a tv for say £700 and something goes wrong with it in year 2, the company will take it away and have it assessed as to how much it'll cost to fix it. generally from a local subcontracted firm. Example, in the north east, John Lewis use Singh Brother TV repair shop on Chillingham road newcastle.
they do not usually go to a proper service centre, unless specified by the manufacturer.

if your TV is gonna cost £300 inc all consultation, VAT, labour and collection charges, then your £700 TV now has £400 worth of warranty to last it the rest of the 5 years.

if the cost of the TV repair outweighs the market value of the TV, they may ask you to contribute towards the repair, or they may offer to write the TV off and replace it with someone of the same SPEC, not the same value.

they offer no deadlines on when a tv must be repaired by.
it pretty much takes aslong as it takes.

So 5 years is the amount of time that they will offer to do repairs on your TV.
but in 4 or 5 years time, the cost of repairs will USUALLY outweigh the cost of your TV.

its hard to say how good this service actually is, as they've only just started to do it.

I'm not supporting or attempting to sell DSGI warranties in its place,
the majority of folk on this site dont have a good word to say about Currys/Dixons/PCworld.

I just think that people are being taken in my these free 5 year warranties and its better than a standard 12 months, sure but its not the selling point that most believe it to be.

or if anyone has had a great service from this FREE warranty, I'd like to hear it.

Just cos I work for DSGI doesnt mean I always shop there!

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Picked mine up last night - very impressed!

But sadly neither the TV or the Blu-Ray comes with a hdmi lead so I'll have to wait until the lead arrives (today hopefully) to get 1080p.
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