SAMSUNG LE40B650 £694.95 Richer Sounds - (Instore Only)

SAMSUNG LE40B650 £694.95 Richer Sounds - (Instore Only)

Found 29th Jul 2009
Welcome to the next generation of flat TV. With its built-in Internet widget platform, the Samsung LE40B650 combines web with TV like never before. The system, developed by Yahoo, offers Internet access to news, weather, YouTube and Flickr, with more widgets coming soon. Connecting up couldn't be easier. Simply connect your wired or wireless system via the Ethernet system and you have Internet access. Once connected to your network you can also listen to music from your PC or even stream standard-definition video from it. Combine this with the twin USB ports for accessing information from other digital sources such as mobile phones or cameras and it quickly becomes apparent that here is a TV that's designed to work with the digital age and not apart from it.

Yet Samsung haven't stopped there. A huge investment in new technology has meant a better picture quality than ever before. Blacks are deeper and images are sharper; whatever the definition of the input signal, this new widget TV will get the best from it.

As ever with TVs, the audio can't live up to the picture without a separate home cinema system, but the "Invisible" speaker system does offer an open, clear sound with plenty of settings to make it sound acceptable in your room.

New technology has also reduced the power consumption on this set to a point where it's actually more efficient than a portable model of just a few years ago - so now you can have big screen entertainment with small power bills!

For a 40" widget TV that embraces the web, the Samsung LE40B650 looks set to start a TV revolution.

Number Of Scart Sockets Number of Scart sockets included 2
Screen Size Measured diagonally in inches 40"
Hd Ready Is it ready to receive High Definition signals?
1080p Full Hd Ready Is it ready to receive 1080p, Full High Definition signals?
Analogue Tuner Does it receive conventional, analogue TV stations?
Digital Tuner Does it receive Freeview, freesat or freesat HD TV stations? Freeview
Remote Control Is an Infra-red remote control included?
Pc Input Can a computer be plugged in?
Component Is a component input fitted? Highest quality analogue input which can facilitate Progressive Scan where fitted.
S-Video Is a S-video socket included? video only signal
Hdmi Is an HDMI socket fitted? Digital interface that carries both picture and sound 4
Dvi Is a DVI input fitted? Digital interface that carries picture only
Pixel Resolution Pixel resolution - Horizontal by vertical 1920 x 1080
Dimensions Set dimensions excluding any stand, bracket or detachable speakers (W x H x D) in mm 995 x 650 x 79
Contrast Ratio Contrast ratio - from manufacturers information NA
Response Time Time taken for screen to respond in milliseconds. NA
Brightness Brightness of screen (cd/m squared with plasma and LCD, ANSI for projectors) NA
Wall Mount Required Type of wall mount required. VESA fittings are usually 100 x 100mm, 200 x 100mm or 200 x 200mm. "Plasma type" is common with the larger LCD TV's and require a sliding bar type fitting. Plasma type
200hz/100hz Scanning Does the TV have 200Hz or 100Hz scanning? These reduce flicker and offer a smoother picture. 200Hz is superior to 100Hz technolgy. 100Hz
Weight Approx weight without/with stand in KG. 14.5/18.5


Great set.

I got one from Costco for £750 with their 5 year warranty a few months back. Then I saw Costco put their price up to £770 a few weeks later!
H&R added.


Great set. I got one from Costco for £750 with their 5 year warranty a … Great set. I got one from Costco for £750 with their 5 year warranty a few months back. Then I saw Costco put their price up to £770 a few weeks later!H&R added.

Is the £770 including VAT ? I am thinking about taking my B550 to refund and get this one instead...

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You can get it for £764.90 in Richers Sounds with a 5 year warranty too.

Another good option is not take the warranty until month 11 after the purchase and then add the additional warranty so you can keep £70 in your account for almost another year!!

Fair point, but Costco allow you to take the TV for refund upto 90 days after purchase .... just in case you dont like it.

Anyone know if you can stream HD from a PC to this machine.... The B550 lets you access mkv's from an attached USB HDD so dont see why this would not


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The £770 at Costco was including VAT but it was a few months back (around the time when the B550 was on offer with the voucher.) Don't know the current price or even if they still have stock.

Just got one from the Birmingham store (last one after their morning delivery).. very pleased as this is a well reviewed TV that gives all the latest LCD offerings from Sony etc a run for their money.. the 5 year warranty was 10% (£69.50) on top.. I had been looking around for a 40" for nearly a year and been pondering between this and the Sony w5500 but this TV is superior than than Sony in terms of sheer performance (especially deep blacks and SD upscaling), features (especially connectivity options and USB versatility) and value for money.. highly recommended if you can get your hands on one..
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