Samsung LE40M87BDX & 'free' 3year warranty
Samsung LE40M87BDX & 'free' 3year warranty

Samsung LE40M87BDX & 'free' 3year warranty

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This is my first ever try at this so please bear with me (& be gentle!)

It's for the Samsung 40" 1080p HD TV, a well reviewed & nicely spec'd HD TV (1080p/24).

It's on the Empire Direct site for £749.99, I've just found this so I'm not sure when they started selling them at these prices.

But if you take out their 'edXtra membership' (for £29.99) they will throw in a free 3year extended warranty.

Delivery to Northern Ireland is a very reasonable additional £25.

Total price (including additional warranty) was £805 delivered.

Dixons will do this TV cheaper (IIRC £715 with a discount code - *JAN20* ) but you do not get the warranty (and their warranties are much more expensive than that £30).


Dixons do free delivery so

£805 - £715 == £90 difference NOT £30 as per your post

So £90 for a 2 year warranty is the difference (1 yr inc with both anyway)- not bad, but not great

if you had a demo of a plasma and lcd tv side by side and listened to experts, no-one would buy lcd's except for games consoles or pc's..PQ is awful, picture processing is awful, looks nice tho

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Quebec5 - the reason I mentioned £30 was that this was the difference on the Empire Direct order between having the extended warranty or not.

(hmmmm, I see you're right about that 3yr extended warranty; one might have expected it to mean 3 years after the usual manufacturer's 1 year guarantee. I should check the small print better. "Free 3 year guarantee includes manufacturers warranty period." Still well worth having tho.)

royals - I watch a lot of movies in their original a/r, I did not want a Palsma with black-bar burn-in.
I considered the Panasonic & the Samsung 42" Plasma but just did not want that agg.

......and what aweful picture anyways?
This set has some excellent reviews.
I will be using it with a Sky HD box (which I may or may not use to upscale all my SD TV with, depending on whether it or the TV does the better job at upscaling) and a Toshiba HD EP35 HD DVD player which will (by all accounts) look beautiful at 1080p/24.

I realise (all) these LCD TVs take a fair bit of setting up/calibration from their 'out-of-the-box' condition but the avforums are full of excellent advice and help on that score.

Both LCD and Plasma have their pro's & cons (LCD uses a lot less power than Plasma for instance) but Plasma's do have less cons now than they used to: The biggest issue with them was always screen 'burn-in' but most newish models have built in protection against that now so getting permanent black bars really is a thing of the past (if it were not, word would be out and the technology long since abandoned by now)

LCD...Biggest con is that no LCD I have ever seen handles SD signals well at all. The picture simply looks awful (very bland and blurry) no matter how well it is set up - and after trying for hours with all manner of recommended settings on my sisters very expensive Panasonic number I can speak with the confidence of experience on that matter.
High Definition is what LCD is made for though and the quality there is great, however...the picture still comparatively weak in brightness/contrast to any Plasma (or good old CRT for that matter) and still (for me) looks noticeably bland.

Another thing to consider is 1080p HD really is wasted on screens under 50". For screens under that size the full HD resolution is simply not required so that's a costly feature you are paying for that makes ****** all difference to what you will be seeing.

Anyhow, summing up, LCD is tech to look at in the future, not now (imho), and until you have a set-up running entirely on HD signals, Plasma remains the best tech available to cover both SD and HD performance for screens over 30".

I ordered the 32" version by phone and they waived the delivery charge. Colur is fantastic and sound apart, which is average, this is a fantastic tv.

Not sure about the plasma/lcd debate, but this looks significantly better than my 32" CRT Panny. Colours are really vivid and I only have SD at the moment.

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Noodler, I have to disagree with your comment that "Another thing to consider is 1080p HD really is wasted on screens under 50".
If only for the 1080p/24 ability this will be a nice buy to go with my Toshiba HD EP35 HD DVD player.

I'm coming friom a 32" 720p/1080i HD TV. This is always going to look better than what I have had.

I could have gone for the similar LE46m86BD 46" version (or a different 50" set - or bigger) but in my living room such an over-sized TV would be too dominating & frankly more than a tad ridiculous.

Anyone got any more info on the 3 year warranty from Empire ?

I bought a TV before Xmas and haven't seen anything about the warranty or a membership card etc. Maybe they send them out after the manufacturer's warranty runs out.

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