Samsung LE40R88 - 40" LCD TV - £279.99 @ Cheap LDC TV

Samsung LE40R88 - 40" LCD TV - £279.99 @ Cheap LDC TV

Found 26th Sep 2011
Don't know if this site has ever been posted on here. Super cheap TVs. I've bought one TV from here and at least 3 of my friends have also bought from here. Never had a problem with them. Everything is collection only so you can inspect the TV yourself.

Only posted the link to this TV because it's a really good deal. There are tons of others on there too.
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Aren't these 'graded' tv's? eg. returns, maybe refurbs. From the About Us section of the website:

"The graded items we sell are TVs High Street retailers can't sell on for whatever reason. This may be because the TVs are surplus stock, end of line/discontined models, 30 day customer returns, unwanted gifts, or items with damaged/no pacakaging." (their spelling, not mine)

It does say 12 month warranty (though repair only after 30 days, not refund or replace), but best to put in the title that they may not be brand new.

Also, there is a HDUK thread from last year about them with some unhappy customer comments:…941
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The word "Graded" implies some sort of minor cosmetic fault. See their FAQ for info before you buy. They are selling end-of-line and Returns. Returns are often "Returns" for a reason. But looks a good bargain if you are lucky.
As I said, you inspect the TV on the day you buy it, if you're not happy then you don't have to buy. My friend actually bought a 32" Sharp LED last year for about £300 (when they were double that from most other places) from here, the guys showing him the TV even pointed out everything that he could possibly nit pick, the most extreme being a slight chip on the back of the stand. It was practically brand new. It's used 10+ hours a day by his whole house and has been for the past year or more, not one single problem.

This isn't for everyone, but it's definitely for someone who wants a stupidly cheap TV for a fraction of the actual price.
LE40R88 ... when does this fossil date from ... 2007?
Not saying they aren't good deals...just that it's better to put 'graded' in the title as it isn't clear that they are not brand new.
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