SAMSUNG LE46A656A 1080p Full HD 100hz TV @

SAMSUNG LE46A656A 1080p Full HD 100hz TV @

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Found 5th Feb 2009
Samsung LE46A656A 46" Flat Full HD LCD Television 100hz with Freeview

With its gorgeous rose black surround, the Samsung LE46A656 46 LCD HD Ready Digital Television really does stand out from the crowd.

If anyone could find it cheaper I would actually be pleased as I want to buy one.



I ordered the LE46A686 from beyond television last month for £888 - that price was with a dvd recorder.

The 686 is the same as the 656 except for design, has the same guts inside.

Might be worth popping down to Comet to look at one?

£958 with delivery.£4 cheaperdelivered at dixons.....…ING

Use Code "FEB2" To Save 2% And "DELTV" For Free Delivery

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£958 with delivery.£4 cheaperdelivered at d … £958 with delivery.£4 cheaperdelivered at dixons..... Code "FEB2" To Save 2% And "DELTV" For Free Delivery

is that the absolute cheapest then, otherwise would anyone know if a good deal would come fairly soon ?

I also bought one of these at £888 from here, I must say I am really impressed with this tv for Standard Tv, High Def and the kids PS3.

Would definately recommend to anybody.

I did goto Currys before hand just to actually see it in the flesh and compare against other.

Still glad I bought it. :thumbsup:

£939 at digital point
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