Samsung LE46B750 46 inch Full HD 1080p Digital Freeview LCD TV £1149.99 @ ElectronicWorldTV

Samsung LE46B750 46 inch Full HD 1080p Digital Freeview LCD TV £1149.99 @ ElectronicWorldTV

Found 25th Oct 2009
Cheapest seems to be £1300... bargain at £1149.99.

With exquisite design and unique harmonious qualities, the New B650 Series LCD TV reflects natures essential elements.

Its inspirational design evokes the depths of emotion that have never been seen on a TV screen before. The combination of premuim performance and aesthetic elegance makes for a truly stunning TV that sets new standards.
Featuring a full 1080P resolution and a massive 150,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, the picture delivers lifelike details and realistic colours that simply drip quality from the screen. The Digital Dynamic Contrast is also controlled by a variable backlight behind the panel. The internal dimming or brightening of the LCD backlight creates incredibly dark and bright images making for a clearer natural image.
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Thanks for posting.It is good practice to also add the merchant and price to the title. It helps people who are just browsing through. And in my experience your post will get a few more “hot” votes.
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They are well worth taking a look at.
Kind regards Andy
Who are ElectronicWorldTV? Never heard of them before?
Wrong price in the title.

Wrong price in the title.

now ya tell me i ordered 6...LOL
I've changed the price in the title... it seems to have added the company name to the title itself.

ElectronicsWorld sell graded stock.
Come on, surely by now we all know why this has been posted? It is popping up everywhere!
Has somebody hacked their website, instead of a Sammy LCD I get a picture of a trollop with something rather nasty in her mouth and it aint a hot dog. :roll: Plus it's an image of an old CRT telly. LOL
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