Samsung Level Box Bluetooth Speaker  (not the lesser and cheaper mini) at Ebay/o2-uk-shop for £39.99

Samsung Level Box Bluetooth Speaker (not the lesser and cheaper mini) at Ebay/o2-uk-shop for £39.99

Found 3rd Sep 2016
Spotted this on the O2 ebay store, very hard to find in Europe.

I have the mini version which is great, works perfectly with Samsung phones using the level applies and s voice useful reading out titles of notifications you can choose to set in allot of detail, great for streaming and superb for conference calls. I even use Google Now so cool asking it questions on the speaker.

This version is the bigger version normally £150 and over if you can find it.

Units are sold as new and sealed.

Oh works fine with other mobiles just don't get the notifications.

Battery life and standby is super on the mini so I assume better on this, goes of for ages and on standby lasts weeks.

Also very portable for those who want a discrete ghetto blaster under well in their palm.

Hoping can link the mini and this version up to stream same time in different rooms.

Official Samsung info, odd as UK site that never sold it hence I bought the mini months back.…GGB



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Said 10 left when posted oO

Sold Out

had I not bought the Mini for £20 when Curry's sold them off I'd be gutted I missed this, not voted since they've all gone but well done anyone who got one

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Picked it up today from Argos (eBay delivery location), first impressions much more substantial that the mini, size, build, material quality - but the sound was massively better than the mini which was a disasspointment.

Sadly cannot get them to stream the same music at the sametime, can connect both, but when playing music only one level unit can stream. Think you can do this on the new Level Box Pro (not on sale in the UK).

All in all for £40, wish i had bought another.
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