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Posted 2 December 2022

Samsung mx-st90b Tower 1700w speaker £599 (£299 after £300 cashback) @ Beyond Television

£599£99940% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Bargain here for this as all prices increased elsewhere, some close to 1k now.

Still £599 at beyond television with £300 cashback by claiming here:- 2021.samsungpromotions.claims/20_…-GB

This is a beast of a unit and large in size for what it is.

Boost your party with incredible 1700W sound
Feel the enhanced bass performance
Experience a wider soundstage that fills your party.
IPX5 water resistance so nothing can dampen the party
Built-in wheels for easy moving

I've ordered a couple myself.


Beyond Television More details at Beyond Television
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    This seems insane for the price... other than blasting out music, could this be used in a living room etc instead of sound bar? Considering getting one for a future garage conversion but don't know if I can justify 600 ( 300 ) quid for something that's going to sit for potentially a year...

    Are these things pretty future proof too, ie in a year, there wont be a better one for same price?
    Audio equipment moves on at a glacial pace compared to other tech. I've been to houses with 30-40 year old HiFi systems that still sound crisp and clean.

    What outdates aren't the speakers themselves, but the connectivity and interfaces. As this has a variety of them, I don't think tha will be an issue.

    As for using this as a soundbar, I don't think it'd be great. In my experience, speakers tend to have a specific volume they shine at. Your phone speaker, for example, might be great at quiet volumes suitable for one person, but awful tinny and distorted when you ask it to push itself. From going to events, I've found that bigger speakers like these only shine when heard from a distance beyond what you'd sit at from a TV, and played at a reasonably loud volume. That said, no experience using this model in particular so someone else might be able to vouch for them and claim otherwise.
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    I got 2 of these in the black friday sale on amazon for £259 each reduced from £390 i think it was but i had to get a friend to order the second one as it was with a code and only 1 per code order. (edited)
    Sorry my mistake it was reduced from £797 to £499 and was an extra £240 with the code
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    One thing that is putting me off a little is that I just realised that Beyond Television is actually Reliant Direct. Kinda glad I paid via PayPla cause pretty sure we are all being scammed. What established company needs multiple different trading names with 0 mention of this anywhere??????
    No you are not.. I've bought from beyond multiple times.
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    Deciding if I should I go for this or Jbl partybox 310, anyone know how they compare? (edited)
    The 310 isn't remotely close in power or sound. The 710 might be close.
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    Got mine but it's going back, the sound quality isn't great, it doesn't have any tone controls, the app is awful, the lights are unimpressive (just strips down the sides).....
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    Nope! 43 days since approval
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    48 days cash back still not landed

    Spoke to Samsung yesterday and got this email response.

    Good Morning.


    Approved 08/12/22

    Thank you for your call today.

    Due to the high volume of interest in this promotion we are currently experiencing delays in the processing of payments. 

    However, our accounts department is working hard to ensure that all outstanding payments are made as soon as possible. 

    We sincerely apologise for this delay. 

    Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. 

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Just a heads up for people wondering why it’s taking so long
    Got the cahsback today. Was basically bang on 45 days.
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    I don't need this at all, so why is it in my basket
    Funny how HotUKDeals works like that, I've never 'saved' so much money
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    Definitely don’t need this…. Still going to spend the next two weeks wishing I bought it though.. thanks OP. 😁
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    Expect ebay to be flooded with these soon!
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    is it not the same on Amazon UK - £599? Doesnt give full spec but Samsung1700w tower speaker?
    It looks the same but by a 3rd party seller.
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    Well... The absolute size of these!!! 48951766-cLGW4.jpg
    Would you mind giving box size dimensions of this?
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    Might be destiny not to get this. The courier (APC) just for some reason didn't show up yesterday even though live tracking showed them 1 stop away at 3pm... I can't stay in another day so contacted support (reliant messaged back) who has cancelled delivery and hopefully being refunded soon. Will wait for the partybox to be on offer I guess and will order from Currys or something instead. Nothing but bad reviews about APC and I hadn't even heard of them until 2 days ago. Smarter idea would have been to have priced matched via Currys I guess. (edited)
    APC delivered mine with no issue, albeit a little later than their 2 hour window. I've also used them for sending bikes and never had an issue
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    Only just got round to doing the cashback but it was all approved instantly
    nothing back for me for 5 days, then asked for a VAT receipt for extra info....should hear by tuesday
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    Hmmm... 1700w output - power consumption 150w, I think Samsung have solved the energy crisis.
    That will be PMPO. RMS is what you need ….I would take the output claims with a pinch of salt. Bose don’t even bother publishing any because they know the manufacturers play games when it comes to accurate specs….
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    when compared to retail price its seems a great deal with the cashback
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    Wow nice 🤌
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    And it's portable as well, those built-in wheels make it so much more attractive (step-free access required)
    At least they aren't asking £699 for the wheels. (edited)
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    How likely will the cash back go through and work ?
    99.99% had every single cashback application approved. About 25 in total
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    I just got paid £700 cashback off a £1400 smasung soundbar few days ago. Not paying out for a big company like Samsung would damage its reputation.

    I'm so tempted by this I don't even need it! (edited)
    I would say to anyone is read the tc's relating samsung cashback very carefully, I'm currently in an on going dispute with Samsung as they will not honor a cashback worth £480 from last Xmas this in spite of the tc's being followed to the word.
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    I can just imagine this in a block of flats, but even if it isn't then anyone living in close proximity is going to be aware of its presence.
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    I have the smaller mx-t50 and its brilliant. The t90 would be overkill.

    I use it with my ipad, there is a slot so i can stand it up and watch YouTube videos in the kitchen or apple music when connected via bluetooth or lightning. Its stereo when stood upright so it's ok for watching movies, but its directed outwards so not better than a soundbar though but will do. (edited)
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    Got the JBL Partybox 1000, instead of this one, when I was searching last year. But these are not for flats. Everything is shaking. They're waaay too loud. So I put it for sale and got the Edifier S2000Mk3. Not that much shaking, but more clarity.
    BTW, the stated 1700W can't be RMS. Can anyone confirm?
    They are claiming RMS...

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    Sorry for the daft question but how do you claim the cash back, is it via Samsung? And do they definitely pay if purchased from this retailer?
    I've done 25+ items and paid out every time if you follow terms and conditions. The link to the cashback is in the description if you look.
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    £50 delivery to NI
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    Quick question, can this be connected via the cables or is this WiFi only ? Looking for a sub for my house Hifi system
    But this is tempting !!

    Good find Op 🔥👌🏼
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    I can't find a single review on this at all for some reason. Makes me think there is something wrong with it.
    Nothing wrong with it. plenty of reviews for the inferior models and saying how good they are! Awaiting for delivery on mine, can't wait.
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    Dont need but tempted...
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    Anyone had the cash back paid yet?
    Not yet but fully approved, will land soon I think.
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    Not yet but 45 days to pay and mine approved about 25 days ago so expect it to be a week at least and closer to the full 45....in fact it could all be set up to be exactly 45