Samsung Netbook N130 £269 (as low as £190.36 see post!) @ Very/Littlewoods

Samsung Netbook N130 £269 (as low as £190.36 see post!) @ Very/Littlewoods

Found 14th Nov 2009
£269 normal price not great but if you dont mind using codes becomes unbeatable .......

If you can find it cheaper then please let me know !

£228.65 (XX586 15% off)
free delivery (XX732)
Buy Now Pay Sept 10 (XX805)
£18.29 cashback kings (8%)
£20.00 samsung cashback

£190.36 final price !


not for me as i think netbooks are a rip off but why so cold ?it looks a good deal if your after one?,wish people who vote cold would explain why too help others:thinking:

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Well i got one for the wife for xmas, couldnt find it cheaper elsewhere.

If people can explain the cold votes, i know you use codes but if you are happy to use them cant see a problem

Reason for the cold votes is Littlewoods/Very like to reclaim vouchers after a while so really you don't save anything with them, usually makes it more expensive in the long run

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Ive been with Very/Littlewoods for over 10 years never had a problem with codes, as long as you dont go mad like some people on here its fine, anyhoo the info is there for people who wish to use it

Cold because you could go through every item in their catalogue and claim it is deal, then we would have 1,000's of posts

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Hit spam then guys, fine by me

Never had a problem with codes from here. Hot deal.

Voted hot just because everybody is being so grumpy and because deanos is rising above it...I sometimes wonder if people realise its just an online forum! lol
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