samsung note 3 £27.99 pm @ uswitch

samsung note 3 £27.99 pm @ uswitch

Found 27th Mar 2014
I've been looking for unlimited data deals (with a decent fair usage policy) and found nothing under £30 a month anywhere with a free handset until now
only 500 minutes but im not busby and don't chat a great deal on the phone so its great for me and at £27.99 a month
I hope its ok for someone else in my position

Tmobile through mobilephonesdirect

- mrew42
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company website and network supplier could of bin handy! but not a bad deal for the note 3!
£31.50 tcb to
id check the other thread on note 3 @ £23.99 before ordering from mobile phones direct

dont think anyone received a phone off them yet and there customer service is non existent.
btw note 3 now has kitkat download it, if you havent already done it "
grtt deal...heat added
The phone is in my hand never thought of tcb ****

company website and network supplier could of bin handy! but not a bad … company website and network supplier could of bin handy! but not a bad deal for the note 3!

so was it to hard to click the link to find out?
maybe im not so good on computers so next time before you try to mug people off step back and think ok this person might not be as perfect as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good deal. But I would not take on it due to being - Mobile network who charged & my wife & I (when we gave 1 months notice @ month 23 for a 24 month contract) early termination fee when we asked for pac.
Apparently the charge for early termination fee as you ask for pac!
How can some one charge ETF when you stay with them for the whole duration of the 24 month contract when you ask for PAC?
Worst network, even the CEO ' office dont reply to complaint emails!,
No fault of the OP.
Otherwise a good deal.
The phone I received is the n9005 version 4G
Don't know if it's any better but I like it
I've also been waiting for a good deal on the Note 3, but getting into a 24 months contract of 3G internet with T-mobile is putting me off.
I think the best option at the moment is to buy the handset (£400 now) and to get a SIM only deal from Tesco Mobile (which offers 4G internet). for £12.5 per month you get 2GB of data and >500 minutes. This will be less than £30/ month plus freedom from 24 months contract. Only drawback is having to pay £400 upfront, but you can get a credit card with no interest on purchase for up to 18 months and spread the cost.
Big love for my note 3. Fantastic phone
I worked it out like this at mo I was spending £10 a month for a sim only deal and getting same data texts and I'm only paying £17.99 a month for 24 months for the phone so still cheaper than buying outright
Obviously everyone's scenario is different
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