SAMSUNG-NP-R519-JA08UK Laptop £351 with voucher @ Comet

SAMSUNG-NP-R519-JA08UK Laptop £351 with voucher @ Comet

Found 4th Feb 2010
Be advised, the description in the link contains some errors. Having called Comet, I can confirm this is the 15.6 inch model and it does include Windows 7.

After 5% discount code and 3% TCB it comes to £341, which seems a good price to me for a decent spec machine.

Also includes free mouse worth £20...apparently.

Welcome views before I take the plunge!!!

Edit: Too late, I've gone for it. Gulp!


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[COLOR=Black]AWJAN5 still valid [/COLOR]

ummm.. not sure about this one. It seems that the description has been switched with something completely different.

if you do a search for NP-R519-JA08UK, it comes up with a whole bunch of sites cheaper than Comet. More worryingly, it says it is a Celeron CPU (Rather than a C2D) which doesn't really make it a very good deal. I have no experience of this laptop whatsoever, but I'd advise you to take a screen capture in case you need to dispute your order with Comet.

I'll go and see if I can find anythnig else out...

Sorry, can't find anything else useful for you. And I don't get it. Amazon has this model number @ £345 (and has a rather sneakily described "Dual core" processor, that turns out to be a T3100 Celeron Dual core. So, I’d get a confirmation of full specifications from Comet and take the mentioned screen-cap, just in case.

Nothing wrong with Celeron CPUs, as long as you are sure what you are buying and what you are buying it for. I make my living working in IT and I deeply believe that a computer is a tool for a job. (And as most things in life, a tradeoff between price and value). People here tend to bang on about what is good and what isn't based on no particular specification or intended purpose, and a lot of it boils down to ignorance on the level of proclaiming that: " A 3/4 inch spanner is _better_ than a 1/2 inch one." It's bigger, innit?
Good luck!

Guys, this was posted at similar price during xmas, correct me if i'm wrong but you'll find its got a led screen and a t4300 processor. cant find it on here but somebody will find the post i'm sure. h+r added!

good luck. I will never buy anything again at Comet whatever the price.

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Thanks for the advice. They told me yesterday they would put a job in for their web guys to update the page. Think I will give them another call!

This is the old post. Refers to a different model number but the spec is not quite as good as this new one.


I was aware of the Amazon one but thats only 2GB and much less storage and its states Pentium in one place and Celeron in another. The Comet offer clearly states Pentium in a number of places. I am hoping they have "souped up" the model otherwise I will be complaining. I have taken a screenshot as advised. I should have cleared this all up before posting!

Each to their own on service. I returned an oven in December (not right one so my fault for ordering) and had a world of problems but eventually it was collected and I got a £25 voucher for my troubles!

I think I'll risk it for a biscuit & see what turns up. I've saved a screenshot just in case. The previous version of this as mentioned by ganticus turned out to have a wireless-N card. I see that this one claims to have HDMI-out too.

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I spoke to Comet earlier today but they were none the wiser. It is hoped the link will be updated shortly. Should you purchase you can cancel the order up to 2 days before the delivery date and I think its 5 working days subsequently for a complete refund and free collection. I will wait and see, partly as the 5% code might expire tonight!

now showing OOS but with correct screen size.

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Yes I noticed that. Brace ourselves for whatever we get but I will be on the phone straight away if I get an inferior Celeron processor!

Dwl99 - my delivery date is not until the 26th. Can you post here how you get on with yours, assuming you are getting it delivered earlier?



Mine will be coming on 19th - will let u know. Might try to negotiate for a discount given the fact it was advertised as having a 17" screen!


Mine will be coming on 19th - will let u know. Might try to negotiate for … Mine will be coming on 19th - will let u know. Might try to negotiate for a discount given the fact it was advertised as having a 17" screen!

I hope you have more luck than I did with Tesco pre Christmas... Their customer service ranked... Ranked as in ponged!

Back in stock. I used the live person chat facility and was told that it was definitely an Intel Pentium Dual Core processor and windows 7, you also have the option of having the script emailed to you - which I'll keep! Was tempted by the Argos deal one but went for this as Argos one has no hdmi and I don't need a bag, the extended waranty would've been nice but done now... 5% code has expired but can use AW15 for £15 off - not quite as good obviously but brings in down to £355.

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Thanks PPM. Thats a huge relief and makes this a pretty decent spec machine and a solid deal when you also include cashback as well.

I hope so too, mine arrives on the 17th though delivered to my folks so will get myself on the 19th. Here's hoping... :thumbsup:

Had one of these delivered today, spec is as follows:

Celeron (:x)
2Gb Ram
250gb hard disk

It's being picked up and returned tomorrow.

Hi again.
Having been told that I need to buy a laptop for the father in law, I have got curious and started digging a bit further. I think that the source of confusion is that Comet’s website has a rather hopeless data entry person. It is entirely possible that this is meant to be a NP-R519-JA0BUK (not JA08UK) (And that one comes up as PDC T4300 on most websites. Still, not all of the bits of info “tally up” but it is more likely to be the right one. The JA08UK is the one with the Celery processor.

For example: ] THIS ONE

Anyhow, went into store, asked to confirm that we can bring it in store and get the money there-and-then if it is not as it says on the website. Answer was “Yes, as long as we don’t open it” but then the guy offered to “price-match” the AW15 code and give us it for 355. Had the option to go with Quidco for 3% (for a tenner off) but then would have to pay 6-12 quid for the delivery or wait for ages for the free one. Decided to go for it in store. It is getting delivered to the store on Monday, so we can just reject it there and then if it is not what it should be and get the money back. Wasn’t going to put myself into situation where I would have to go into discussions about finer points of Distance Selling Regulations with Comet. I will let you know how I fare once we pick it up.

I voted this hot when it was posted, I have now left the OP some rep too. Thanks. This should have been way hotter, based on previously posted deal with lesser spec (in all but the Hard Disk) going 500 deg+.

EDIT ^^^^ DOOOOH! Looks like we'll be a'rejectin' on Monday

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This is a disgrace. So do we have any rights given that the model clearly stated a PDC T4300 etc?

if anyone wants a pdf copy of the screenshot of the original description just pm me

I've just emailed them asking for confirmation that the laptop they'll deliver has the advertised spec. I certainly don't want anyone to be wasting their time waiting in for a pointless delivery! Argh. Thought after months of dithering I'd finally bought a laptop - need to get rid of the desktop before baby arrives!

Edit: I contacted them through the contact us page on the website but I was also given this address on the live person chat - [email protected] - just in case of any use to anyone.

Mine arrived today. As above: -

Celery 3100
2Gb Ram
250gb HDD

Basically a bit cack. I even phoned the day before to check the spec and their guy was reading off the website - hence the same spec. The spec has even been updated twice online and its still wrong!

Worth a punt though and they are collecting it tomorrow to take it back to Comet Towers.

can anyone tell me if this one is better than the one here... I am after a new laptop but unsure on which to get

VERY interested in the Samsung one here^^^^^^…430

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So what we're saying is that - despite the webpage showing the correct details now - we will wait in potentially all day and basically more likely to get a lower spec machine thats cheaper elsewhere? Is there nothing we can do? Surely the higher spec Samsung does exist as Abraxas pointed out?? Is it worth complaining, going in to a store with the wrong one and demand the correct replacement/equivalent (even though not available in store), compensation?

PPM - are you still going to go through with it? Please let us know what you get. Also, if anyone else has got the right one can they let us know?

I am sorry for all the aggravation this post has caused!


I am sorry for all the aggravation this post has caused!

Not your fault! You posted a good deal - it's only Comet to blame for not delivering what they're advertising.

Not cancelled as yet but not sure what to do. I had my eye on a compaq one in Tesco that seems to be a similar spec to the one that is being provided but cheaper. Of course it's now discontinued. Maybe still get in store but the longer I leave it... Comet say they'll respond within 24 hours so will see what the email says. Will post response when it comes in :thumbsup:

We certainly all have to complain anyway!

I found what looks like a great deal on a well-known auction site - search on item # 350315427336. It's allegedly a refurb but it's from a well-known store and has a very similar spec to the Samsung. The CPU has a similar ranking to the T4300 and it has wireless-N and a 6-cell battery, all for just under 300 quid. I'm very tempted.

Reply says - "I can confirm that the Samsung NP-R519-JA08UK has a 250GB hard drive, 2GB RAM, Intel Pentium Dual Core processor, Windows 7 Home Premium and a HDMI output."

Sticking with what they've currently got on the website. Gone back asking what sort of guarantee they'll offer given they've already downgraded the spec since we ordered and people are receiving celeron processors...

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Thanks PPM. I hear that having 2GB RAM makes things a bit cluncky when using a number of applications at the same time. For me, desperate times call for desperate measures. I think I will cancel in that case. The other just as hopeless suggestion is to try the Additions Direct version starting at £429:

There is a 15% code which should work if you are a new customer. I used it for a TV for my Dad recently. This would bring it down to £364.65, then 8% cashback down further to £335.48, a little more for delivery,but I realise codes are a big risk with Littlewoods Group.

EDIT: Cancelled Comet order. Gone for Additions. 15% worked but means not alot. Takes nearly 3 weeks for delivery!!!!

Just phoned Comet customer services and they seem none too sure what will be sent. They suggested I type the model # on the Samsung website!! Think I'll go with the Acer Aspire 5542 with the AMD M300 CPU, 4GB RAM and HDMI output for 295 quid as I mentioned above. Was tempted by a Dell Inspiron 1545 on the Dell Outlet website for 328 delivered but it had no HDMI out.

I've been told it's been referred to the buying team... they have no idea! Think I'll go for the Compaq one - it is Celeron dual core but 3GB RAM, 250GB Hard drive and with HDMI, £320 plus clubcard points. Just feels quite nice to use and my Compaq desktop's lasted for years... argh!

Hey all… Just a quick update…

Went to Comet yesterday and, predictably, it was a Celeron / 2GB / 250GB. Decided to pass on that, funnily enough. Comet staff did offer us a couple of alternatives, a Packard Bell and an Acer, bot going for ~450 on their website. Although PB has been recently bought by Acer and is meant to be improving in quality, it will be a long while before I’d consider buying it. ( Yes, I am a snob when it comes to buying kit for other people. ) It had a cracking spec for the price, though; outshining the original Samsung in just about every department. The Acer offered was not in stock, so I decided to pass up as I couldn’t be bothered doing the same dance again.

In conclusion, it is _really_ poor from the Comet website-arm to continue misadvertising an item and not caring enough to fix it even after so many people returned the product. If it is deliberate (in the hope that people won’t notice, or wouldn’t bother complaining) it is despicable.

On the other hand, I have nothing but praise for the Comet staff we dealt with in the shop. They owned the mistake, apologised and offered to work with us to resolve the problem. Eventually, they offered a couple of reasonable solutions. And the solution involved them giving away some of the profit in order to satisfy a customer. We thanked them for their efforts, took a pass on the original offer and decided not to haggle further as it would not be fair.

FWIW, I seriously considered a "left field" solution for a while the £350 Acer with ULV processor from I think that is also a cracking deal. Although it is specific in its intended use (the ULV processor makes it slow (in some applications)), but it is light and portable… and has a stonking battery life. It also has an optical drive which helps a lot. So you may want to consider it for the browsing/emailing/documents etc. (And not for games/video encoding etc. ) Something like an oversized netbook...

Hope that gives someone a pointer..

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Thanks Abraxas. I'm still waiting for my Additions Direct Samsung to show up. The 15% code was accepted and I am keeping fingers crossed that cashback will bring it down to a tidy £338ish.

As some other posts suggest and I confirm as of this post (wish I had read them before buying) this model is not as advertised it is a celeron 1.9ghz and for me importantly does not come with a hdmi output plus several other differences from the web site spec.

On a plus note the screen clarity is nice.

Got a refund swiftley and told the head office that they are mis-advertising as i can get it £30 cheaper elsewhere though looking for an alternative machine with HDMI output model now

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The saga continues. I got my new laptop from AD yesterday. Was expecting the NP-R519-JA02UK but instead got the JA05UK which I believe was the Comet deal at Christmas and is no longer being manufactured. I have accepted it because - although it is 3GB RAM instead of 4 - it has the better processor (T4300) and a whopping 500gb memory compared to 250gb. On balance a decent deal for £341.
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