Samsung NV100 HD 14.7 Megapixel Digital Camera Preorder for £169.99 Free Delivery + Quidco

Samsung NV100 HD 14.7 Megapixel Digital Camera Preorder for £169.99 Free Delivery + Quidco

Found 1st Sep 2008
This looks like a bargain price for a new model compact 14.7 Megapixel camera that can also record [email protected] HD video have this camera for sale on PREORDER to be shipped 29/09/08. They say it's rrp is £199.99 but I have read on other sites that the RRP is actually £229.99 (and most places are charging £229.99) If this is the case then this is actually a £60 saving rather than the £30 saving that they are stating.

It is available in 4 colours (Black, Silver, Titanium or Red)


Samsung unveils the NV100 HD pocket digital camera with a huge 14.7MP resolution.

The Samsung NV100 HD features besides the 14.7MP resolution, a 3 inch touchscreen, 3.6x Schneider Kreuznach zoom lens, face recognition, smile and blink detection, up to ISO 3200 sensitivity and trashcan support (deleting like on Windows or OS X).

The 1/1.72inch CCD in the NV100 HD records images with up to 4,384 x 3,288px.
With the HDMI interface of the optional docking station SCC-NV5 HD photos can be directly displayed in HD resolution.

The Samsung NV100 HD can record HD video with 720p resolution (1,280 x 720px) at 30fps.

Key Features:
Effective Pixel: Approx. 14.7 Megapixel
Display: 3.0" (7.62cm) HVGA (460,000 pixel) TFT LCD (Touch)
Digital Zoom: Still Image mode: 1.0x ~ 5.0x, Play mode: 1.0x ~ 13.7x (depends on image size)
Storage Media: Internal Memory: About 40MB, External Memory(Optional): MMCplus (up to 2GB guaranteed 4bit 20MHz), SD (up to 4GB guaranteed), SDHC (up to 8GB guaranteed)
Face Detection Technology
Main Specifications:
Image Sensor Type: 1/1.72" (1.49cm) CCD
Total Pixel: Approx. 15.0 Mega-pixel
Lens Focal Length: Schneider Lens f = 6.0 ~ 21.6mm (35mm film equivalent: 28 ~ 102mm)
F No. F2.8(W) ~ 5.9(T)
Image Stabilization: Image Stabilization Dual IS (OIS + DIS)
Focusing Type: TTL auto focus (Multi AF, Centre AF, Touch AF, Face Detection AF)
Range Normal: 80cm ~ infinity
Macro: 5cm ~80cm (Wide), 50cm ~ 80cm (Tele)
Auto Macro: 5cm ~ infinity (Wide), 50cm ~ infinity (Tele)
Shutter Speed: Shutter Speed Auto: 1 ~ 1/2,000 sec.
Manual Mode: 16 ~ 1/2,000 sec.
Night: 8 ~ 1/2,000 sec.
Fireworks: 4 sec.
Exposure Control: Program AE
Metering: Multi, Spot, Centre Weighted, Face Detection AE
Compensation: ±2EV (1/3EV steps)
ISO Equivalent Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 (At 3M Size)
Flash Modes: Auto, Auto & Red-eye reduction, Fill-in flash, Slow sync, Flash off, Red eye fix
Range: Wide: 0.3m ~ 5.4m, Tele: 0.5m ~ 2.7m (ISO AUTO)
Recharging Time: Approx. 5 sec.
Sharpness: Soft+, Soft, Normal, Vivid, Vivid+
White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Fluorescent L, Tungsten, Custom
Still Image: Shooting Auto, Program, Manual, Dual IS, Night, Beauty shot, Scene
Scene: Portrait, Children, Landscape, Text, Close-up, Sunset, Dawn, Backlight, Fireworks, Beach & Snow, Self shot, Cafe, Food
Continuous: Single, Continuous, HS Continuous, Motion Capture
Self-timer: 10 sec, 2 sec, Double, Remote controller
Effect: Photo Style Selector: Normal, Soft, Vivid, Forest, Retro, Cool, Calm, Classic
Colour Effect: Normal, BW, Sepia, Red, Blue, Green, Negative
Image Adjust: Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation (5 steps)
Edit Image: Resize, Rotate, Trimming
Colour Effect: Normal, BW, Sepia, Red, Blue, Green, Negative
Special Effect: Colour Filter, Add Noise, Shaded, Elegant
Image Adjust: Face Retouch, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Red Eye Fix, ACB
Image Play: Single Image, Thumbnails, Advanced Slide show
Voice Recording: Voice recording (max. 10 hours)
Voice Memo in Still Image: max. 10 sec.
Date Imprinting: Date & Time, Date, Off (user selectable)
Movie Clip Recording: With Audio or without Audio (Max Recording time: 20min)
Size: 1280x720(30fps & 15fps) High Quality, 1280x720(30fps & 15fps) Standard Quality, 640x480(30fps & 15fps) , 320x240 (60fps & 30fps)(3.6x Optical Zoom with sound recording)
Effect Colour: Normal, BW, Sepia, Red, Blue, Green, Negative
Edit: Pause during recording, Still Image Capture, Time Trimming
File Format: Still Image : JPEG (DCF), EXIF 2.21, DPOF 1.1, PictBridge 1.0
Movie Clip: MP4 (H.264 (MPEG4.AVC)
Audio: WAV
Interface: Digital output connector USB 2.0
Audio Microphone: Stereo
Internal Speaker: Mono
Video Out AV: NTSC, PAL (user selectable)
HDMI 1.2: NTSC, PAL (user selectable)
DC power input: 4.2V
Power Source: Rechargeable battery: SLB-1137D (1,100mAh)
Adaptor: SAC-47, SUC-C4
Connector Type: 30pin
Physical Specification: (WxHxD) 94.9 x 59.5 x 19.9 mm
Weight: 138g (without battery and card)
Software: Samsung Master, Quick Time Player 7.4, Adobe Reader


Am dithering on whether to buy this thought there would have been some input to say whether it is a good buy are not

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If you google Samsung TL34HD you should find out a bit more info, reviews, etc. which may help you decide

The TL34HD is the American model number for the same camera

does anyone know if this has a HDMI output on the camera?
i have been looking at other makes and with them you have to buy a cradle to allow you to view movie clips in HD

decided not to go for this in the end just because the fact you have to buy a cradle which costs £80 more

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£80 does seem a lot of cash. I assume you only need the cradle if you want to play the pics and videos straght into your HDTV from the camera and that it would still be possible to take the memory card out of the camera and insert into into another devices such as a PC,laptop,PS3,etc and view all pics and videos.

Have you found a more suitable camera for your needs that doesn't cost an arm and a leg for the cradle ??

i wasnt to sure whether if you could view HD video just through the by taking out the SD card and plugging it thro via ps3 or lappy (as mine is a HD version lappy) and didnt really want to take the gamble of buting the cam and then ending up needing to buy the cradle

so after a little bit of reseacrh the next one i found and which has good reviews is the kodak z1285 that record in HD

ive just got the camera in the post today from and experimented with it and so far i am pretty impressed and it doesnt require a cradle. you can record in HD straight onto SD card and then plug it into either a ps3 or a HD lappy and view the movie clip in HD

for a 12mp/HD 5x optical zoom cam for £109.99 delievered its not bad
i got it for £104 from with free del and used a £5 voucher -…tml

£5 discount voucher code - VTWMDLHGPQ

i admit also with this one to view straight from camera you willl need a cradle but i wasnt prepared to gamble with other one and pay £170 and then find out that i would need a cradle. and also i needed one ASAP and the samsung one is yet to be released

i didnt really want to take the risk of buying a £170 camera and then end up having to buy a dock and spend more money because of not being able to view in HD, as i wasnt too sure whether if you could plug SD card stright into a ps3 or HD compatible lappy and view in HD

so after a search i found similar one to my spec, slightly lower spec MO but 12mp/HD and 5x optical zoom was the kodak easyshare z1285. for £104 delevered form i dont think its a bad price (used £5 voucher for as well)
i just got it through the post today and had a quick play with it and i can assure with this you dont need a dock to view video in HD, the only time you will need a dock if you want to view stright from the camera (dock is £60 when bought with the camera) but i dont see the point of buying it, if you got a ps3 or HD compatible lappy/tv and you can plug SD card stright in

im fairly impressed with this camera, not tired all the functions but will give them ago over the weekend

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Glad you found a camera for your needs.

I had already seen this camera but I was put of by a couple of reviews that said the battery life was not very good. I have since seen a review that says the opposite !!!

I am not sure what camera to buy at the moment. Stick with the Samsung with all the fancy features, opt for the cheaper Kodak or wait for a review on the Samsung to appear in a few weeks time. There is als a new Sony camera coming out with HD video around the same time as the Sammy which I might look into.

The Kodak is actually £99.99 at Argos…gt;

and I think I have a 10% off voucher at home somewhere. If I can get it for £90 I might be popping down to Argos at the weekend :thumbsup:

oh dam oh well thats my luck, buy it from place thinking its cheaper. i didnt think to look in argos d'oh lol

yea i read the reviews which most of the same stated that it drained the battery like no mans business, and i have found this to be true. the normal bog standard batteries they supplied only lasted for about 40 shots and then battery low indicator came on
but i normally use the rechragble ones (duracell 2650mah rechargeable batterys) and so far they are lasting, ive taken approx 70 pics plus a bit more as i was experimenting and also taken quite a few video clips and so far battery's are lasting, showing no sign of battery low. so if you stick in some high drain rechargeable battery's then i should should see no problems about battery life
i think the people who wrote reviews may have been using standard battery's hence going through them pretty quick

however the only thing i should point out is that when you record a video and you use the zoom function whilst recording, the mechanical insides that zoom in tends to get recorded onto sound - thats only if you are recording in low noise levels

its up to you which one you go for, i needed one ASAP so opted for the kodak, otherwise i would have waited for the sammy one. i have not read about the new sony one but one thing for sure is that with sony you will pay a premium. i would suggest if you can wait, wait for the sammy one to come out and check out the reviews

the one thing that did raise concern for me with the samsung is that the current one (i think n40 HD- 10.1 MP one) the reviews i have read seems to suggest picture quality is not to great. and if im right the nv100 is following on from this model

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According to UNIROSS, there rechargeables last up-to 7 times longer than premium alkaline batteries. That would explain why the bog standard batteries that came with the camera didn't last very long.

I have also noticed the noise from zooming in and out when recoding a video clip after I had downloaded a sample clip from the web. The Samsung NV24D gets round this by muting the sound during the zoom phase !. I think I would prefer the background noise. Hopefully the NV100D will be better

At the moment, I think I am going to wait a bit longer. The Sony might (will) be more expensive but they are promoting the fact that it is a camera/HD video recorder which is good enough to not need a seperate camcorder ! . One of the cool features it has that you can take a full res picture at the same time as recording a video. Sounds a bit of a gimmick at first, but the more you think about it, I can imagine the feature be used on a regular basis

Was just wondering if anyone has bought the nv100hd yet?
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