Samsung NV100 HD Digital Camera £127 @ Tesco
Samsung NV100 HD Digital Camera £127 @ Tesco

Samsung NV100 HD Digital Camera £127 @ Tesco

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cheapest on the web for this top samsung model. i've just ordered. + quidco
+ 2 for 1 at cinemas for yr, vue. order by 31 Dec 08.
The Samsung NV100 HD digital camera is a 14.7 megapixel camera that allows you to capture even the smallest detail. A 4x Optical Zoom allows you to get closer to the subject. A 2.7" LCD Screen makes it easier for the user to view and preview their images. The Face recognition software built into the camera together with multiple shooting modes give the user maximum choice for every occasion. Other features include 16MB built-in memory, Schneider lens, USB/charging cable, software, strap and manual.


Looks a good price to me, heat added!

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says £129, checkout goes to £127 cos of VAT savings.

haha next cheapest is £165.99 minus vat does not drop it down to £127 do your math pal

15% VAT of £127 is £19.05
17.5% VAT if they're still doing that is £22.23



haha next cheapest is £165.99 minus vat does not drop it down to £127 do y … haha next cheapest is £165.99 minus vat does not drop it down to £127 do your math pal 15% VAT of £127 is £19.0517.5% VAT if they're still doing that is £22.23HEAT ADDED

Who are you arguing with? lol


Who are you arguing with? lol

Everyone :whistling:...I was commenting on praju...but he/she edited afterwards, making more sense lol

Oh and I bought one because this is cheaper than the next couple of models below it.

I've ordered too, god knows why people aren't rating this hot

Add a sim card for free delivery and add promotional code XX3FFJ at checkout, £122.82 delivered to your front door! And you can choose the premium 2hr slot delivery time aswell!!

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damn, wish i knew that before!
dont forget the 2 for 1 cinema thing also.
should get mine tomorrow, so will update if all ok.

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got mine today.
charged it up, and used it.
It is awesome, great pq, easy to use, cool display.
easy to charge through usb.
will get an SD card so can just plug straight into ps3 to watch hd movies and pics.
cracking deal.

Have to say im pretty dissapointed and annoyed that Tesco Delivery have not delivered in time for tonight, I ordered on Monday fairly early in the morning and stayed in all day today (I ordered before the code for 2 hour slot delivery was posted on here)

What frustrates me more is I phoned them at 16:45 to make sure they were still delivering upto 19:00, being thats its new years eve..."yes we are and I can see your order has been loaded for delivery today" I was told....it also says "despatched" on the online tracking.

I suspect the driver has ditched any deliveries attempts that are not food...very slack and they will be getting an earful tomorrow when the Customer Services lines open midday.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this?

I won't be ordering from Tesco Direct again...btw I live near Richmond so i'm hardly out in the sticks.

Can't make use of UK deals since I'm in Canada, but I purchased an nv100 and like it for the most part, except for the fact that when in review mode [looking at a photo I've just taken] the camera lens retracts after only 10 seconds. It extends again as soon as you switch back to photo mode but you have to reset the zoom to where you had it just a few seconds ago. This is ridiculous. It's difficult, if not impossible to properly examine a 14 mp photo on a 3 inch screen in 10 seconds.

I've phoned samsung about this, asking if there is a way to alter that 10 second time limit. I talked to 3 different [supposed customer service] people. All had no clue, and one simply said "if you don't like the camera, return it to the store you purchased it from".

If I get no satisfaction and have no other option, that is exactly what I will do, and will think twice before buying any samsung products in the future

Anyway, has anyone here had an issue with this same quirk? And more importantly, discovered a solution to it.

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