Samsung Omnia 7, T-Mobile, 24 months, 300 mins, 300 txts, internet, £15.32 + £101 Topcashback = possible £267 total cost
Samsung Omnia 7, T-Mobile, 24 months, 300 mins, 300 txts, internet, £15.32 + £101 Topcashback = possible £267 total cost

Samsung Omnia 7, T-Mobile, 24 months, 300 mins, 300 txts, internet, £15.32 + £101 Topcashback = possible £267 total cost

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This deal was posted a week or so ago as a renewal. It's now up on T-Mobile's website, and more importantly, it gets a special rate of cashback (£101+, depending on loyalty bonus) from Topcashback. See topcashback.co.uk/tmo…le/. Works out at £267 if the cashback tracks. Best price for a sim-free deal, according to Google, is currently £285.

Other phones eligible for the special rate of cashback are
HTC Desire - £20.42 per month
HTC Desire HD - £30.64 per month
HTC Wildfire - 300 mins/300 texts for £15.32 per month

This seems the best offer, though, if you're happy with Windows Phone 7.


Nice price, but the S2 deal earlier was better

Good buy. Bought the lg optimus e900 on the orange deal £10 pm 24 months with £80 tcb. Having owned a multi jailbroken 3gs, a blade running 2.3 and now this with the nodo update I have to say that it is just horses for courses. ios was much improved with the jailbreaks but you lose some stability. Android is great for tinkering but thus far thats the main reason for owning. I'm sure on a higher spec phone that my experience would probably be better.The reason I purchased the optimus 7 was merely that it was a complete steal at £160. But have to say that after using it for the last few weeks, that it is the easiest of the os's to use imo. Very quick in and out when wanting info. The search button works as a search engine but also in-app. Found it invaluable as a quick sat nav whilst on holiday the other week. Can only get better with upcoming mango update. It is as good/bad as the other os's having had positive and negative user experiences on all. The UI could be the best of the bunch if you're not a tinkerer. Considering this phone is £49.99 on a £30pm contract at sister company orange, I can only say that it has to be an absolute steal.

Forgive me im new to this so i would like to ask a few questions.

the £101 cashback i see is payable up to 90 days after the transaction. would this go as a lump sum into my bank account? (i have never used topcashback or quidco)

Also, is it possible to unlock this phone as i would want to put my O2 sim into it?

Thanks in advance

There are ways to unlock it across forums, I remember seeing some info on modaco and xda developers. Didn't work on my optimus 7, but then again I tried after updating the pre-installed software version to nodo which is a no no. I don't believe it is absolutely straight forward to do it for free and maintain the unlock after updating to nodo, which you are going to want to do for the performance improvements. Obviously, there will be the route of paying for an unlock code, as for the price of this, I wouldn't know. As for top cashback payments, yes it is paid lump sum. Hope this helps some...

Don't understand why so cold.
New Omnia 7 phone for £15.32 a month and it's got 500mb Internet included and 300 minutes and texts.
Throw on Quidco or Topupcashback of £100 and it equates to £11 a month for the contract and phone.
Hell, sell the phone for £180 on ebay and you have a sim with okay bundle for £3.62 a month effectively.
Can it be matched anywhere?
If not, it's a hot deal surely?

you can find a sim free one on expansys for 314£

So £314 cash now and then the cost of the calls vs £267 after cash back and that includes 300 minutes and texts as well as 500mb a month Internet.
Am I missing something here?

Had one of these for a couple of weeks - beautiful screen that shows off WP7 to its best. Great camera too. As an iPhone user of 3 years I was impressed. Shame that bluetooth wouldn't work.

Well I signed up.
Turns out when they rang me for credit checks that the unlimited Internet is part of the deal so I got to choose another free add on.
Picked unlimited landline calls
Not bad for £15 a month and £100 kickback from Quidco.
So deal is pretty good, take £249 off for price of phone and I am really paying £18 for the contract if I take off the Quidco and the rrp of the phone.
Not a bad deal at all.
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