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Posted 5 October 2022

Samsung Original Micro USB Connector/USB Type C to Micro USB Adaptor, Compatible with Samsung Galaxy + Other - £3.50 @ Amazon

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Handy to have, same price direct from Samsung if you prefer

  • Color
  • White
  • General Feature
  • Features
  • Charge & Data
  • Interface
  • USB Type-C to Micro USB
  • Physical specification
  • Dimension (WxHxD)
  • 12x22.05x5.4 mm
  • Weight
  • 1.41 g

Full specification
  • USB type C to micro USB adapter: Use this handy adapter to connect micro USB devices with your smartphone, tablet or other USB-C devices
  • Lightweight and convenient: The small and light USB-C adapter is compact enough to keep with you, ready for when you need it
  • Highly compatible: Lets you connect micro USB cables with your USB-C devices, including Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones as well as devices from Google, Huawei, Sony and many more
  • Easy and reliable: The micro USB adapter is simple to use and made to provide a long-lasting reliable connection between your devices
  • Official Samsung USB-C to micro USB adapter: This is a genuine Samsung product and comes with a 1 year warranty
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  1. Avatar
    £2.65 for 10 on eBay... bought 30 of them... great quality and all working perfectly for charging and data. (edited)
    Inevitable question : Link please if possible? TIA.
  2. Avatar
    I've got a couple of power banks going back to micro USB days they won't charge our current USB C phones would one of these adapters rectify this ?
    Nope, it's the wrong way around - you need a USB-C female to Micro-USB male; this is the opposite.
  3. Avatar
    Surely, these are typically around £1, including postage?

    Here's one for £1.19, if you are not snooty about the brand.


    You just need to be clear whether you are using a USB C cable to power a micro usb device, or vice versa. (edited)
    Yeah, I'd go for one of those - there's nothing fancy with these so no point paying for branding.
  4. Avatar
    I don't know if the brand makes the difference, I can't see why it would, as it is only an adaptor. I will not vote, but in the past I had this kind of adaptors and I've paid much less for a handful. I've lost them all😃.
    So long as they have a pull resistor - you're golden.
  5. Avatar
    Cheers OP. Got this for the Steam Deck!
    Happy it's helped at least one person
  6. Avatar
    In response to the two previous comments I would say what is the difference between Thermos and vacuum flask?!
    "what is the difference between Thermos and vacuum flask?!"

    That's already been answered: "there's nothing fancy with these so no point paying for branding."

    I'm a big fan of Thermos flasks, btw!
  7. Avatar
    I need the other way round. To be able to charge my older devices with newer cables 
    That will not be a good idea IMO.
  8. Avatar
    I was going to buy for my steam deck too but wished it was black to go with the device.
  9. Avatar
    I need usb female to male for the new Apple charger!!
  10. Avatar
    The new fragrance by Samsung
  11. Avatar
    Title explains what the item is. Excuse my ignorance. Where are C TYPES found. What’s wrong with a normal USB. Educate me. Cheers
  12. Avatar
    £4.91 now?