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You can get the Stylish Samsung Pebble 20 tv/monitor which works brilliantly as a monitor plus tv and for you who own xbox360 or ps3 its a godsend as it has a HDMi connection and also supports 1080p. Well how do you get it at that price, wel quite simple really . PC world runs a price matching deal where if you find an item they are selling cheaper else where (it gives you a list of retailers) they will match the price plus take a further 10% of the difference. Well luckily is currently selling the same tv/monitor for £204 and Amazon is one of the retailers included in the price matching scheme so if you take a print out of that to your local pc world they are currently retailing the montior instore at £259 (online its £219 dont know why) they will knock the price down to 204 plus a further 10% which is about £5 so it intotal £199. So to get a Samsung tv that supports 1080p and looks sexy as hell and works as a monitor for under £200 is a bargain and a half


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Richer sounds is also selling the same screen for the same price however you can only pick it up instore and well Richer sounds tend to be less scattered across the country than pc world are


shouldn't 10% off £204 be £20.40? so £183.60.

Its 10% of the difference so £6.:whistling:

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shouldn't 10% off £204 be £20.40? so £183.60.

No its 10% the difference and so the differnce is £55 and so it would actually be £5.50 makig it £198.50 to be precise which is still the cheapest you will find anywhere which is quite funny as i tend to find PCWORLD generally quite

have one of these..paid approx £220 from ebuyer.... it's a great screen.. well recommended
considering a second ..tho so voting hot..

was £159 from Laskys 1 month ago or very similar

I have one of these, again from ebuyer - which I purchased based on ebuyer customer reviews. I got it mainly for a bedroom TV and xbox360 screeen.

Please beware that while it looks the same as my 32" Sammy downstairs - picture quality doesn't really compare at all. Sound output is very low, only just sufficing.

There's an annoying washed out feel to the picture (probably down to 300:1 contrast) and the veiwing angle is pretty dire. XBOX 360 stuff looks superb, but you really have to sit up close. I need to be almost less than a meter away to play fifa2008.

Dont get me wrong - this is brilliant as a monitor, with the added bonus of lots of inputs and the TV feature. But I would not recommend as TV - although this might be the best you can get for your money (I am not really qualified to say this however) I suggest you spend a little more, get a bigger screen.

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you probably would have had to pay shipment on that as well i assume and since PCWORLD is a storebased retailer you can physically go down and pick it up saving on the delivery costs :). The only let down with the deal is that though the set comes with 1 years manufacturers warranty if you wanted anymore you have to sign up to their protection plan which is still peanuts (£1.99) but is charged montly rather than being able to pay one lump sum. However you can can cancel this when ever you want to should you feel like you aint using it.

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was £159 from Laskys 1 month ago or very similar

Ive checked it outyour looking at the SM2032BW which is only a montior but look the same has a higher contrast ratio of 3000:1 but has no hdmi connection and is not hd ready either

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There's an annoying washed out feel to the picture (probably down to … There's an annoying washed out feel to the picture (probably down to 300:1 contrast) and the veiwing angle is pretty dire. .

I dont understand why that would be the case when it has contrast ratio of 1000:1. you must be doing somat wrong :?

Yeah - I may have stated the ratio wrong.
I have an upscaling freeview box connected via hdmi - it still looks washed out. Please realise that I am comparing this to a) my old CRT and b) my 32" sammy downstairs. Dont expect the picture quality to stand up to either. Great as a monitor tho'.

its not the SD quality that I'm really talking about - although your points are valid.
its the washed out nature of the images, awful backlight bleed leading to NO blacks in low light conditions, annoying viewing angle restrictions horizontally and vertically and just the damn size of it!
Looks pretty and has loads of inputs tho.

Post is slightly misleading or could be - says supports 1080p but please realise that this TV/ Monitor will not display movies in 1080p it will rescale them to fit. To fully support 1080p you need a resolution of 1920x1080. Not lacking much on the vertical but lacking quite a bit horizontally. At this size though you'd never see the difference between 720p and 1080p so my point is almost moot. Just though it might be of use to someone.

Seems a good deal.
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