Samsung PS42C450 - 42" Widescreen HD Ready Plasma TV 600Hz With Freeview - £351.89 Delivered @ Amazon Sold By PRC Direct
Samsung PS42C450 - 42" Widescreen HD Ready Plasma TV 600Hz With Freeview - £351.89 Delivered @ Amazon Sold By PRC Direct

Samsung PS42C450 - 42" Widescreen HD Ready Plasma TV 600Hz With Freeview - £351.89 Delivered @ Amazon Sold By PRC Direct

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This has been in my wish list for a while now and this is the lowest price it has been! Seems a good deal for 42inch Plasma + £12 P&P


damn you for posting another tv deal. i can't decide if it's worth getting castrated for

£348 delivered here

from the same company.... (_;)
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Cheaper here


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damn you all lol, it was my first post!

Get your cheap tv`s while you can cos the price of electronics will rise due to the earthquake etc.

thanks for posting.

This TV was tested by Which?, but wasn't good enough for a 'Best Buy' award.

For £357 delivered from Amazon, the Samsung LE40C530 offers full HD, & has a Which? 'Best Buy' award.

For £400 delivered from Amazon, the Samsung LE40C580 offers full HD, & HD Freeview. Not tested by Which?, but here's a review hdtvtest.co.uk/new…htm . At the end of the Review, see Update 3, which includes the remark... 'C580 is greatly superior to the C530 in every regard' (better panel & processor). Also much classier style & build quality than the C530. Well worth the extra £43.

Anyway, two alternatives to the PS42C450 for your consideration. Your choice.

that le40c580 looks good


that le40c580 looks good

I have one & I love it. I really wanted a Panasonic Viera TX-P42G20, however, the budget wouldn't allow it, so I got the best blend of performance & build quality & style I could find within my £400 budget. It performs well above it's price, according to these comments on Amazon by people who bought it in preference to the £570 Sony Bravia KDL40EX503...

Comment 1. Bought an equivalent Freeview HD Sony tv (kdl40ex503) the only difference being that the sony was 100hz the samsungs only 50hz but to be honest I havent noticed much difference now that ive had both. If you want the 100hz version, you'll probably have to pay an extra hundred squids. I had the Sony for a month while I was waiting for argos to send a replacement, (because of a manufacturing defect on the frame) but when they told me I would have to wait for new stock, which was definitely coming in and after ringing about a dozen times over the weeks, they then turned round and said it wouldnt be coming back in stock - even though I saw it in the new catalogue! I sent it back for a refund and im glad i did, because the Samsung looks much better quality and cheaper to boot. The samsung has a nice glass stand, the Sonys' was high gloss plastic and even after just a couple of light dusts you could see fine scratches. The Samsung just looks much nicer in the living room and id say the picture quality is slightly better too. I have always thought that Sony products were superior but this has completely changed my mind. Id definitely recommend this tv over the Sony. It's even cheaper now. i think you can get it for £500 quid on amazon. I paid £540. Excellent tv for the price!

Comment 2. I purchased this TV at the same time as the Sony EX503 40 inch & my plan was to compare the two & decide which one to keep. The Sony had got all the rave reviews in What Hifi & TV & on other review websites, but there were only one or two reviews of this Samsung TV. I already owned a 32 inch Samsung I bought 4 or 5 years ago & I loved that TV for every second I owned it. I wanted to upgrade to a Freeview HD TV & a bigger screen at the same time. I tried out both TVs & I generally liked this one better. It's over a hundred pounds cheaper for a start. But apart from the price, I generally felt the picture was sharper & clearer on this Samsung. In particular the Freeview HD channels come out crystal clear. On the Sony I had to study the Freeview HD pictures much more to notice any difference to standard HD. Eventually I did & the Sony is a good TV. But with the Samsung the Freeview HD just seemed much clearer to watch. Also standard Freeview on the Samsung is good too & clear & not fuzzy at all. But on the Sony standard Freeview was quite fuzzy. I expected the sound on the Samsung to be really weak with no bass & distortion like the 32 inch model i had before. But Samsung definately have improved the sound on this TV. It's still not booming bass. But it is very clear audio & very good stereo. It has very light bass - much better than models from a few years ago. But the sound is still a bit light compared to the Sony which was much richer. But after watching this TV for a few weeks now i'm used to the sound & it sounds great to me now all the time. I can plug it into my hifi if i want & it sounds much more powerful & bassy on there.

Also I just preferred the design of the Samsung as it looks slim, sleeky & expensive. The Sony's design was OK & i'm sure i would have got used to it. But it did appear to be much bulkier at the back & was completely made of cheap looking plastic. Whereas the Samsung's screen looks convincingly like glass (even though it's plastic) & the rest of back is metal & the plastic is well designed & expensive looking.

This Samsung does not have an internet platform and you can't use it by itself to get onto BBC Iplayer, etc... But it has 2 USB ports where you can connect your digital camera or any media usb stick & it plays video files, mp3's, etc... Plus at the back it has an ethernet socket to connect it to the internet. But you can't get on the internet using the TV alone. You can connect it to your home internet connection and stream media from your laptop for instance but you can't surf the internet on it. The Sony had a proper internet connection & some brilliant applications like BBC Iplayer, Five on demand, You Tube, etc... and it was very impressive. But I thought on balance, that wasn't a huge necessity as my laptop has a HDMI so i can connect to TV & surf internet whenever i want. Plus all the manufacturers are developing internet on tv on an ongoing basis, such as Google's Android TV, etc...

I also played games on my PS3 on the Samsung & they played great with great sharp pictures & sound.

My only gripe was Blu ray playback which was just ok & not as sharp as on the Sony. I watched Blu Ray on both & the Sony Blu Ray playback seemed much clearer & sharper. The Samsung Blu Ray playback is good but not as good as the Sony.

So if your main use of the TV is to watch Blu Rays maybe the Sony's a better buy. But as I'll only watch the odd Blu Ray & would be watching Freeview HD more. So the Samsung was overall a better buy I felt.

So I summarised overall this TV was better value for what you get & overall quality wise compared to the Sony (apart from Blu Ray playback wise). So I kept the Samsung & returned the Sony for a refund. I thought I may regret doing so. But one month later i'm very happy I made the right decision & have no regrets.

Comment 3. Had this set a couple of weeks now. I was considering the 40" Sony Bravia, which a friend has and payed a heck of a lot more for. In my opinion this is a superior tv for a lot less money. I was able to set it up in minutes, am hugely impressed by the quality of the picture (which after all is the most important thing). Am playing movies through both the Samsung pc share manager and through a USB stick. A point here, you can fast forward movies when playing through the USB stick but not the Share Manager on the pc. Overall a really good set worth the money.

i finally found a shop with a number of samsungs and sonys and a quality feed to the tvs- tescos! what is it with places like currys and comets- trying to sell hdtvs but feeding off a co-ax aerial!

anyhow, i saw the C580 and it looked not bad, but then i saw the C650 and it looked miles better. don't know if it was the 100hz but it looked like an LED tv. unless they had the wrong tv in the wrong space of course...

edit: when i say not bad, it was better than the sony ex403, but next to the C650 it paled a bit. but then you're paying +£150 for the C650 over the C580.
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