Samsung PS50C680G5 50" 3D TV@tribal £814.31 @ TribalUK

Samsung PS50C680G5 50" 3D [email protected] £814.31 @ TribalUK

Found 6th Nov 2010Made hot 7th Nov 2010
should have a pair of 3d glasses in the box and you can claim a 2nd set through samsung connect


£806.31 with the voucher. Great price for the TV if you don't need the extras in the more expensive bundles doing the rounds at the mo.

But yeah, Tribal seem to get v mixed reviews.

Is this too good to be true, plasma 50" 3D TV by Samsung with USB and 4 HDMI?
I don't know whether to take the plunge or not..

website gets terrible reviews

Pants 3d thats all that's on offer for footie. After sampling it all I can say is it's like watching a game of football going on a fishtank. A lack of cam angles leaves you with a pants 3D image, nothing jumps out off the screem. It may be ok for movies but it's crap for anything spontanious with the need for loads of cam angles like live football.

Sorry to all you have purchased it and want to to defend it but 3D home is in it's very early stages and is a load of rubbish for live TV.
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Re the tv. (not Tribal). You can either listen to Burty or you can view the Samsung 50C680 threads on AVforums where you will find lots of good reviews on both standard and 3d display from this model.

Umm really am tempted as no need for the blu-ray player. Just got to explain to girlfriend that 50" is not going to be too big for the room (it is but she does'nt need to no that untill its set up)

Still, this tv really is dropping in price which in my opinion is never a good thing.

HOTUKDEALS is full of items that are really dropping in price which actually encourages us to buy them and not put us off buying them. Even Panasonic and Sony TVs are dropping in price on HOTUKDEALS and I would say that is a good thing for prospective buyers.
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