Samsung PS50C7000YKXXU/50" with Ultra Slim Gun Metal, Slim Deisgn, 3D Ready, [email protected], 4 HDMI, 600hz Sub Field Motion, Alls £1298.12 @ Lambda-tek
Samsung PS50C7000YKXXU/50" with Ultra Slim Gun Metal, Slim Deisgn, 3D Ready, Internet@TV, 4 HDMI, 600hz Sub Field Motion, Alls £1298.12 @ Lambda-tek

Samsung PS50C7000YKXXU/50" with Ultra Slim Gun Metal, Slim Deisgn, 3D Ready, [email protected], 4 HDMI, 600hz Sub Field Motion, Alls £1298.12 @ Lambda-tek

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i know it out of stock but it will be instock soon. the cheapest price i could find in instock is at pricelover.com/pro…XU/

heres the info about the tv
Invite 3D technology into your home. The Samsung Plasma 7000 makes it possible. And with a bigger screen and unbelievable picture quality, it also makes it mind-blowing. With this technological wonder in your living room your viewing experience is instantly upgraded to cinema-worthy picture quality. Bolstered by the crisp, clear imagery that its Real Black Filter delivers, the Plasma 7000 really lets you get into the action. And thats not limited to movies and programs; [email protected] communicates with your PC and other devices. The 2010 Plasma 7000 is now even thinner than last years model. It needs to be seen to be believed. You might only be sitting on your couch, but you wont believe the view.

Theres only one way to experience 3D when youre not in a theatre. And thats the Samsung Plasma TV. It offers the ultimate immersive viewing experience by liberating content from the flat confines of the TV and turning it into explosive imagery. The effect is breathtaking life-enriching, ultra-real picture quality that rivals the cinema imported into your own living room. Samsung innovation has even made it possible to convert your favourite 2D movies to 3D. Because a Samsung Plasma TV demands your attention, no matter whats on.

Samsung HDTVs are easy on the planet and on your eyes. Our unique Eco Sensor measures the intensity of the rooms light and automatically calibrates the brightness of the image on the screen. In a brightly lit environment, the picture brightness grows even brighter, and in dim surroundings, brightness is reduced. So now youre not wasting energy on a bright screen when it isnt needed. Enjoy the best picture possible with a TV thats aware of its surroundings.

The Plasma 7000s breathtaking picture quality is bolstered by the vivid, stark contrast and bold, pure colours that Samsungs Real Black Filter brings out. It lets the Plasma 7000 block external light reflections while simultaneously maximising the transmission of internal light. This creates clearer, crisper images on screen with bright whites that pop right off the screen and rich, deep blacks that provide clear sharp images.

Tired of running between your TV and your PC to enjoy your favourite entertainment? Samsungs innovative [email protected] delivers access to all your favourite Internet content through your TV with our ultra-convenient user interface. Connect your PC or mobile phone to the Plasma 7000 and turn it into an amazingly comprehensive multimedia centre. You can easily organise, add and delete content via its Samsung Applications library. Even more, many models even allow you to make Internet video calls, so youre not only connected to your favourite videos, youre connected to your favourite people.

It's hard to beat the speed of light. That's how fast our plasma screens respond to each new image. 0.001ms is all it takes for each pixel to re-generate clear, crisp, robust colours. That's why there's no blur or ghosting in the picture. And there's less strain on your eyes. You can't beat that.

Your mind wont believe your eyes. Thats how breathtakingly stunning the picture quality you get with Samsungs 3D HyperReal engine is. Enabled by Super 3C Realisation, the picture is as unrivalled as it is unbelievable. This way, youre never just watching a movie, youre living it. Every moment will ring truer, go deeper, feel stronger, look richer. Hard to believe when youre on your couch.


Im sorry but its not a deal when in 2 seconds through google it can be found for £50 less!


Better try next time ;-)

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