Samsung PS59D6900D - 59" Plasma HD 1080p 3D TV with Built-in Freeview HD - £1,559.98 @ John Lewis (Price Promise)

Samsung PS59D6900D - 59" Plasma HD 1080p 3D TV with Built-in Freeview HD - £1,559.98 @ John Lewis (Price Promise)

Found 29th Apr 2011
John Lewis price Promise with Robert Whyte

1. Got to Robert Whyte Website or copy following url…773

2. Go to John Lewis website 'Never Knowily Undersold'…517
choose option to bottom left make a price claim

3. complete the details and cut and past the robert whyte details.

4. and with 48 Hrs... I got mine in under 30Mikns you will have aprice promise ref code.

Order the product either online…spx

or in store... Simples...

Great TV... awesome picture and also has blutooth 3d.. no sync issues or postering. Play Divx & mkvs and also has smartTVhub along woth BBC i Plare and Youtube plus loads more...

You can also claim free 3d glasses from Samsung after purchase.

Important Note.. john Lewis do take full payment of £1899 first and the they will refund after delivery.


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Samsung will also provide a free pair of CR3300 3D glasses.. ( New Blutooth Model ), which apart from looking like Roy Orbison.. are very cool and light to wear..

Contact Samsung on 0845-726-7864 and choose option 2.. give them your details and a scan of the John Lewis receipt.

nice, looks like a beauty

I've been looking to get this tv for a while, was going to check it out in john lewis this weekend. Thanks to my email notifications I received your post. Thanks a lot CHR0M£D0M£.

I think the TV is a good one, not as thin as an LED, but good price. What do the others think?

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Here's a review from AV Forums...…ml..

and an Owners Thread too !…tml

Hope this is of help..... I can wholeheartedly recommend this TV.. watched the Royal Wedding this morning on BBC HD... awesome picture... the detail of the big organ whilst the couple kneeled in front... Oooh Err Misses...Seriously... I had owned the Sony LCD before this and the picture far superior and as for the 3D... Avatar looks better than it did in the pictures...very impressed... and its also got WAF.... Wife Approval Factor...
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Here's a Nice Pic of the Cheaper 3d Glasses and the one Samsung Supply Free..

Here is the SSG3700|418b_15371-cr3dglass01copy.jpg

And also the is a cracking Induction Charger, which also looks pretty cool..|e373_15371-crglassesoncharges.jpg

Good Review of the Glasses also here...
Trusted Reviews of SSg3700 and Wirless Charger

Got my price match comfirmed today.
Although looking at Samsung UE55D7000 or Samsung UE55D8000 as an alternative.

Any thoughts?

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Ivenot seen the d7000 or d8000 up close, but I did really fancy getting one of either of those, as they look brilliant..

But I would say that I owned an 60" Sony LCD.. and the picture quality, Blacks and refresh on the plasma is far superior to the LCD.. in Fact the LCD was giving me a sore head.

I had a Rear Projection beofre purchasing the Plasma and would say the Picture is even better than that,,, PLASMA also have the added benefit of being 100% viewable from any angle and don't suffer the contrasting of the LCD.. incidently it was also edge lit.. very thin.. but did not like it very much... you could sometimes see the dark patches...

Hmmm. I'm going to try and check them out in a store. Then make the decision.
But and LED on the wall would look great, so thin. And the refresh rate is 800Hz Clear Motion Rate compared the 600 for this 59" Plasma. SO thats better.

I was really worried about the refresh rate when watching sport.

Hi CHR0M£D0M£,

Samsung said they do not offer the free pair of glasses. Did you get a pair in the TV box? And another by calling Samsung?
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