SAMSUNG R6 360° Speaker £69.91 (was £199 clearance) @ Currys

SAMSUNG R6 360° Speaker £69.91 (was £199 clearance) @ Currys

£69.91£19965%Currys PC World Deals


No stock
Can not locate any stock colgate
Oos near Leeds
Great deal for a fantastic speaker. I have a few of these and some R1s.

They do have stock near me, too (Swansea)

As much as I'd love to be able to justify more, I can't
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No stock anywhere.... should expire!
No stock in London
a6unx13 m ago

No stock in London

Yup I can confirm
Great deal if you can find one
Probably one in stock thats now gone, great to get you to their site.
No stock good price for those who found one
I got the white version of this a few months ago on clearance it's a great speaker but my Sony SRS XB3 trump's it, 24hr battery life and can be used as a powerbank in dire situations I think it's around 20000mah
Sorry but no nearby stores offer collection on one or more items you've chosen to collect. We've checked our 9 stores closest to ......
It's mainly display stock so maybe 1 per store.
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