Samsung R60+ 15.4" Black or White Laptops  - Deal of the Day £439  was £ 499 with Free 3 year Warranty

Samsung R60+ 15.4" Black or White Laptops - Deal of the Day £439 was £ 499 with Free 3 year Warranty

Found 30th Dec 2007Made hot 30th Dec 2007
Fantastic value Samsung R60+ Laptop in Black or White. Perfect for the whole family with Windows Vista Home Premium, Intel Pentium Dual Core processor, 2Gb Memory and 160Gb Hard Drive and DVD Dual Layer Rewriter. With free 3 year warranty included this is a great post Christmas treat.


Shows £499 When You Take The Black One To Checkout! How Do You Get It For £439?

And Also Any Discoutn Codes?


makes no sense at all.

Deal of the Day £50 off Samsung R60+ 15.4" Black or White Laptops

Then later in the advert it says....

Today only £439
:thinking: Save £60 :whistling:

on those grounds im out

The silver one is 449

yeah its only the silver one at the price ! this offer any good compared to the dells ? I know its alot easier on the eye !

Black one seems to be here at £449…spx

Been looking at this one for a while and at £449, this is a steal

The Dell Inspiron 1520 is a good laptop in this price range as is the Dell Inspiron 1721 for £499. Others to consider are the Hewlett Packard Pavilion G6032EA and the Pavilion DV6615EM for £449.99.

Anything that is running Vista should ideally have 2GB Ram, a dual core processor (most people prefer Intel Core 2 duo rather than AMD Turions) and a 160GB or more hard Disk capacity as well as a Dual Layer DVD drive and some form of dedicated graphics.

The Samsung's 3 year warranty is a good plus point for that laptop too as is the fact it is 499 elsewhere online.

Have a look at ]PC Checker which helped me when I was looking for a laptop recently.


I've just recommended this laptop to a friend who's been after one for ages.

If you want an independent review of it, there's one here:…htm

I think with the 3 year warantee, this is a great buy. Ok it's Vista but you can always buy a cheap copy of XP and put it on instead!

I've just rang them and they said I could order over the phone (black or white) and they would charge me £499 and then give me the £60 refund.
It seems to get good reviews so with the 3 year warranty included I think I'm going to go for it.

I think you may be able to get more for your money with Dell but delivery time would be a problem for me.

Thanks OP.

Purchased one of these last week at £499.
Its a great Laptop but what makes the deal is the 3 year warranty....................
At this price its a bargain & you get clubcard poi:thumbsup:nts

its saying 449 for me

Had/owned two of these, fantastic build quality, solid, fast.. all you could as for really! Highly recommended, much better than Dell with all the bloatware they install.

Bought one of these a week before Christmas from Tesco in Cherry Hinton. Paid £449 for a red one. Very nice, my wife swapped her VAIO for it as it is nicer! The 3 year guarantee is the clincher for me.

Not quite sure why you'd want to buy this when aVAILABLE FOR £££££££££'S LESS ELSEWHERE…ner

Anyone know the processor speed? The CNET review said 2.0GHz, but I've also seen the R60+ advertised with 1.46 and 1.6GHz processors.



Not quite sure why you'd want to buy this when aVAILABLE FOR £££££££££'S L … Not quite sure why you'd want to buy this when aVAILABLE FOR £££££££££'S LESS ELSEWHERE

Thats a standard R60, half the ram, half the hardrive size and a fairly big hit on the processor speed not to mention it has 2 years less warranty

Now I'm very puzzled!

Sorely tempted if I could guarantee I'd get the laptop for £439, but even the link from Tesco's own deal of the day takes you to the black one for £499. Also worth pointing out that the one Shamen found for £449 appears to be a lower spec machine. Probably explains the price difference.

Anybody got a foolproof way to prove what's showing on an internet page right now? Thinking of buying now and arguing the toss later, but would like some ammo before I do this!

Also, I take it Quidco at 3% also applies to this?



i had ordered it on at 499. cancelled it and bought it on tesco and then i double checked and its the lower spec one that play is selling for 399. i am really peeved now. its one occasion i wish i didnt check this site before buying something.

its cheaper on

When I rang Tesco, the guy on the phone said to order at the £499 price and then get the refund applied. I ordered it over the phone and have had email confirmation of the order & the £60 refund. I think if you order now from the website and then ring up tomorrow, they will honour the price.

The one I ordered is:…spx

Well, I've taken the plunge and will call tomorrow to argue the toss.

I've opted to collect from store, and I'm slightly reassured by the email confirmation I've just received that states

"If your items are not collected within 14 days of the initial collection date, we will have to cancel and refund your order."

So if I don't get a result on the phone tomorrow, all I have to do is forget about the order, and the whole value will be refunded automatically (apparently...)

I'll keep you posted...

1.5hrs battery life! Can someone confirm if that is correct? Pretty poor if it is! Better to go with Toshiba from PC World for £399 and get another free battery!!!

I have bought one from a Tesco store.
They wanted 499 for black and 449 for white, so I got ...... white!

Its a Samsung R60+ and so far I can't see the spec anywhere else on the internet:

1. 2gb RAM
2. 1.6Ghz Pentium dual core (T2330)
3. ATI x1250 grahics (seems to run never winter nights on max 1280x800) - takes 256 mb ram
4. 3 x USB
5. 160gb sata drive
6. SD card slot
7. DVD writer DL
8. PC Express 54/34 slot
9. 3 year warranty
10. 15" 1280x800

Its pretty much a bargain.

I would say:
+ points
keyboard, style, speed and RAM

- point
screen is quite directional (moving up to down changes contrast)

There are other dual core laptops available for 399 but not with this spec. or with Samsung name.


Original Poster


"Not quite sure why you'd want to buy this when aVAILABLE FOR £££££££££'S LESS ELSEWHERE"

You got it completely wrong mate, the one you are talking is not exactly the same, your one has got half the memory and harddrive compared to this one, and its not the same model / color choice....!!!


Not quite sure why you'd want to buy this when aVAILABLE FOR £££££££££'S L … Not quite sure why you'd want to buy this when aVAILABLE FOR £££££££££'S LESS ELSEWHERE

Your not comparing like for like.

The Tesco one had a better processor and an extra 1gB of Ram

Well, managed to successfully argue the toss with Tesco Customer Support this morning, although I wasn't expecting to be passed to 4 different people and take 15 minutes before they accepted that this deal existed!

Was the deal for only yesterday?

The deals still on their website but now its only the white one.

Scratch that, black one to.
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