Samsung RSH1NHMH American Fridge Freezer £469 delivered @

Samsung RSH1NHMH American Fridge Freezer £469 delivered @

Found 16th Apr 2010
Great deal if you're looking for a side by side fridge freezer without water/ice dispensers.

Recent price drop, but looks like this model has just been discontinued by Samsung so other retailers may also drop prices soon. Marks Electrical is also this price - same shop.

Manhattan silver colour.

Frost Free with twin compressors.

2 year warranty.

Free Saturday deliveries.
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good one :thumbsup:
Good price, Energy Rating 'A' is also a bonus!
Wish I had the space...... Excellent price
I've already got it. Thanks!
I have a near identical fridge - the display is on the fridge door on mine and it has a water dispenser (not a plumbed in one)

I love it and this seems a fab price - can't believe I ever managed without one :-D

Good price, Energy Rating 'A' is also a bonus!

Virtually all new fridges are A rated these days, some of the top ones are even A+

Great price though if you're not bothered about a water/ice dispenser in the front...

I'm after one with a water and ice dispensor (like the one below for £628) ....that also connects to your water supply so you don't have to keep filling it up!

We got this one before xmas - good price.

Ended up getting a new kitchen just to get a fridge like this! :roll:

Note - we picked this model specifically because it DOESNT include water/ice. The units take up a fair amount of space in the top of the freezer & I read a few bits & pieces that said you should clean out the water/ice bits fairly regularly (esp after holidays, etc). After using friends versions with ice/weater dispensers (nice, but splashy) glad we went for this one & a bag of ice in feezer instead.

Note- the full height light thing is really good.
Wish i had Money, space and House, Hot deal though:thumbsup:
showing as 519.99
Just a heads up:

I have this fridge. It's great, definitely a great fridge for £500. Very spacious, and I'm amazed how it can keep bread in the normal fridge for months before it starts to go off. It comes with a little ice tray box mechanism (with springs to dislodge the ice) that allows you to easily make and store a good amount of ice.

However, units of this model made before a certain date have a fault with the fuses inside the machine. I think the date is before 2006/07 (we bought ours in April 2008). Therefore, Samsung or the retailer will need to send an engineer round to swap the fuses. They will do this free of charge, so it's not a problem, but if you do go for this fridge, it's worth making a phone call to check that your model doesn't need the upgrade. It's not a big task, the engineer will just remove a face plate on the top of the fridge, unplug a fuse and the small cirtcuit board the fuse sits in, replace both parts,plug back in, then it's done, all within 5 minutes. So it's not like they're having to take the fridge apart and fix a big issue.

So yeah, awesome fridge, go for it if you're looking for one without a water/ice dispenser.
Yeah who needs the hassle of running water from the mains? I've bought this model purely because it's less hassle and I can fill up the water barrel myself. Besides the filter for the plumbed in fridge costs about £60 and has to be changed twice a year-so we were told when we were buying this one.
At least I don't loose half my freezer space just so I can have ice cubes
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