Samsung RSH5UBMH Side by Side Fridge Freezer - Was £899 - Now £699 @ Bestbuy - (+20% Quidco)
Samsung RSH5UBMH Side by Side Fridge Freezer - Was £899 - Now £699 @ Bestbuy - (+20% Quidco)

Samsung RSH5UBMH Side by Side Fridge Freezer - Was £899 - Now £699 @ Bestbuy - (+20% Quidco)

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Samsung RSH5UBMH Side by Side

The Samsung RSH5UBMH is a modern and stylish side by side fridge-freezer with massive amounts of storage space inside its doors and a set of super-slick features to add a real wow-factor to your kitchen.
From the outside the Samsung RSH5UBMH keeps things simple, with a minimalist silver design disturbed only by the ultra convenient automatic ice and water dispenser. This feature gives you chilled water and cubed or crushed ice without having to open the fridge door. You can even fit tall glasses underneath the dispenser, without having to angle them. And, when it comes to checking how much ice you have left in the compartment you simply have to open the fridge door - the dispenser is transparent, so you don't need to take it out. It's built into the door so it doesn't take up any space which could be used for cooling food.
The fridge-freezer has two doors, one opening up to a freezer compartment and the other to the fridge. The fridge takes the majority of the space on the Samsung RSH5UBMH, with 12.18cu.ft of space spread over four shelves, four in-door compartments and two salad crispers for storing fresh veg. Additionally, there's a built-in wine rack and an egg tray. A flexible Z-shelf is ideal for storing a mixture of bottles, cans and containers too - giving you real flexibility with how you fill your fridge. A take out tray adds to the range of storage options, enabling you to easily slide food in and out of the fridge and even use it to serve food at parties.
The Samsung RSH5UBMH features a couple of technologies designed to keep your food at its best. Firstly, the fridge uses a multi-flow cooling system which pumps out a stream of cool air through a series of vents behind every shelf to create a cool environment throughout the fridge. This maintains the quality and freshness of your food.
Then there's the Twin Cooling+ technology which maintains humidity in the fridge to up to 75%, so fruit and vegetables keep their natural moisture, and flavours and odours don't mix.
The freezer compartment has 6.32 cu.ft. of space and is frost free, so you won't have to spend any time scraping ice out of it.
The inside of the fridge-freezer has an energy efficient LED tower built into the back of it, which lights up every corner of the unit, making it easy to find all your groceries. The Samsung RSH5UBMH has been awarded an A+ for energy efficiency.


You are not allowed to quote the deal price minus the quidco, it has to be the price you pay on ordering

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Also the figures are not quite correct, because the Cashback of 20% is only on the price before the VAT is added, so that makes the end price approx £25 more ;-)

this is not cheap, a search on google reveals its pretty much the standard price. I nearly bought it at this price a year ago.


sorry didnt see quidco. good if it tracks.

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Good Deal. I bought this before Christmas from Boots. That worked out slightly cheaper as they offered £90 trade in and about £28 boots points. Nice Yank style f/f and lots of fridge space.
This is a good price though at Bestbuy.

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This one is much cheaper, … This one is much cheaper, why?[url=http://www.bestbuy.co.uk/product/1000133999/samsung-rsa1wtmh-side-by-side.aspx]http://www.bestbuy.co.uk/product/1000133999/samsung-rsa1wtmh-side-by-side.aspx[/url]

no ice maker... just unfiltered water cooler (you might as well have a jug of water in the fridge)
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That's one expensive ice-maker!
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