Samsung S10 512GB Black - £809 + £100 back with BNPL code @ Very

Samsung S10 512GB Black - £809 + £100 back with BNPL code @ Very

Posted 8th Nov
AS the title says.

No doubt usual discussions on:

a) Cashback with Very. I have used it in the past and it worked fine.

b) Apple vs Samsung (Android) discussions. We have both in the household and pros and cons both ways. Remember this is about the deal not whether or not this is the best phone.

£709 delivered seems very good price to me.
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Obviously no time machine but this had 20% off up until 12am last night so was considerably cheaper. Doubt they will do another 20% anytime soon though
Not even S10+ would be competitive at this price, sorry OP
Naa, not even s10 plus.
Samsung s10 or iPhone Xs?
not expired
This is not expired ...
and this was £520 via samsung perks website recently with Gear Watch or gear buds
Bunnster08/11/2019 17:33

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I think that was the point.

Just to maybe clarify some of the people above's thinking. I could buy the S10+ from Samsung a few weeks back now for £809. The Same phone today from Very is £899 + £100 account credit on BNPL

In the case of the deal posted at £809, it's the same. £100 account credit, but you buy the phone for less elsewhere anyway

I realise this is refurb, but you can get an S10 512Gb from Music Magpie (Pristine Condition) for £659 (Having just bought a pristine iPhone XS Max for £653 in the same condition and it arrived pretty much as new just without the cellophane wrapper, then thats what I would consider a deal)
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miimiii08/11/2019 17:26

Samsung s10 or iPhone Xs?

I am not apple fan but if you prefer camera over other things then XS is best choice. Don't want to start android iOS war
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