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Posted 27 October 2022

Samsung S20 FE 5G 128GB - 30GB Data Three - £19pm for 24 months + £29 upfront - £485 + Claim Galaxy Buds2 + Disney+ via Mobile Phones Direct

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Key Features
6.5-inch Super AMOLED display
Triple rear camera
32MP front camera
4K video recording
Reverse wireless charging
Facial Recognition
From playing music on your travels to passing time on social feeds, the Samsung Galaxy FE will always be there when you need it the most. Its 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display creates colours that make videos and boxsets leap off the screen, wrapping you up in the moment. You’ll be able to do so much with the triple rear camera, which comes with a 10x digital zoom for fab close-up shots, as well as night mode that’ll let you get an epic low-light picture at the bar. Any video you record will be in 4K too, making it great for capturing memories at concerts or on your hols, as whenever you watch them you’ll be back in the moment. It’s got reverse wireless charging too, so you can share your battery with a friend, while Facial Recognition will securely unlock your phone with just one glance.

Sim Type Nano
Operating System Android
Operating System Version 10
Water Resistant Yes
Water Resistant Rating IP68
Water Resistant Depth 1.5 m
Internal Storage Capacity 128GB
Memory Card Type Micro SD
Screen Size 6.5"
5G Ready Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Number of Front Camera Lenses 32
Number of Rear Camera Lenses 3
Rear Camera 1 (Megapixels) 12
Rear Camera 2 (Megapixels) 12
Rear Camera 3 (Megapixels) 8
USB Charging Yes
Wireless Charging Yes
Face Recognition yes
Processor Family Qualcomm Snapdragon
Processor Number 865
Maximum Processor Speed 2.84GHz
Processor Cores Octacore
Mobile Phones Direct More details at Mobile Phones Direct
Community Updates
Also guaranteed £150 trade in for any smartphone

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  1. Avatar
    Why choose this over an A53 5G?
    A telephoto lens and an overall better camera experience, wireless charging/reverse wireless charging and a faster processor in the S20 FE 5G are the top things that come to mind. However more updates would be on the A53 though.
  2. Avatar
    If it will be of help I had recently bought this phone via mpd with O2for 21pm. Have successfully claimed all the three offers currently waiting for buds to be dispatched
    How long did it take for your buds offer to be approved by samsung?
  3. Avatar
    And quidco/TCB
  4. Avatar
    HTC HD HD2 Phone T8585 will this quality for the trade in ? Tia
    select the “Any other Android handset”
  5. Avatar
    Is the £150 on top of phone value or just £150 fixed. i.e. can I pick up the cheapest android handset from cex and still get £150 in return?
  6. Avatar
    If you do get the trade in value. And sell the phone for a minimum of £150.
    The 30gbsim card and galaxy buds will cost you the equivalent of £7.72 a month or so.
    If also sell the buds for minimum £50 the sim card would cost £5.62 a month
    Where can I buy a cheap qualifying phone for trade in?
  7. Avatar
    Imei number fo you have to wait gor phone to arrive before can claim for the buds etc..
    And the offer ends tomorrow (but can claim by 14th Nov).
  8. Avatar
    If you sell the buds for £50 and get the trade in £150.. effectively the cost for the S20 and tariff is £285

    How much is the S20 worth? Looks like around £300 on eBay (edited)
    So the deal isn't great
  9. Avatar
    Anyone know if this Three tariff includes roaming?
    Not aware of any new contract in 3s current portfolio that has inclusive roaming,
    but all 3s PAYG bundle options include roaming.
  10. Avatar
    Just to let u all know if u need more than 30gb data then u can upgrade to unlimited data for an extra £3 a month on the Three app once u have registered, just did it myself
  11. Avatar
    This worked out to be a fab deal. With the cashback, trade in & freebies. Phone cost is next to nothing.
    I was already paying £10 pm, so £20 - £10 = £10 x 24 = £240 less £150 trade in is £90. Then take off £50 for buds which I will sell & c£30 top cashback results in £10 cost for phone with Disney plus a bonus. (edited)
  12. Avatar
    Won't let me add it in the title or description but eligible for £150 trade in via samsung
  13. Avatar
    Have purchased this deal. Thanks op.

    Have a Samsung galaxy s5neo in working order to trade in but sadly not appearing in list on claim form. Looks like the oldest model to claim with is S6 plus?
    Unless any kind soul can shed further light on this. Thanks
    Any android phone it says.
  14. Avatar
    Nice first post mate. Voted hot

    That's a £10/m SIM only deal so the phone for £9/m is decent (edited)
    Thanks ordered it myself, I forgot to add the £150 trade in to the title better do that now (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Can you claim the £150 trade in and also get the free buds? Or do you have to choose one offer?
    You get buds, trade in and disney +
  16. Avatar
    are these MPD contract phones locked to the provider?????
    Very few phones are locked now a days
  17. Avatar
    Wanted a different colour but can't find this deal direct in the site itself?
    I looked for ages but I could only get to it through the link i received via email which I posted
  18. Avatar
    What's the best way to port out an existing number on 3 to this. Don't want to lose my number. Cheers.
  19. Avatar
    @Aaron_Smith Thanks for your first deal post, good heat too.
  20. Avatar
    Well done Aaron a nice first post!
    A good deal too
    Thanks I ordered it last night and received it this afternoon
  21. Avatar
    Is this much of an upgrade on S9?
    I have just upgraded from the s9 to this, overall I would say this is better. Obviously the s9 had the higher quality feel as it was the flagship model at the time but already I can feel the difference in the s20 FE after an hour or so, it runs much faster and smoother than my s9 did and god I love 5g
  22. Avatar
    Does the monthly amount stay at £19 or does it increase each April?

    Nevermind, just noticed the warning at the top of the post. (edited)
  23. Avatar
    Is it worth hanging on until Black Friday for a better deal or is it going to be potluck? I don't really keep my eye on phone deals.
  24. Avatar
    The cashback also ends same date.
  25. Avatar
    Can anyone recommend a good case for this phone? I can be slightly clumsy
  26. Avatar
    Be careful with Samsung offers.. they canceled two of my orders recently quoting mispriced after 15 -20 days.. looks like they just wanted to increase their sale orders rather than honoring the orders.. be aware of this please..
    This isn't direct from Samsung, also I ordered before I posted the deal and it turned up the following day so no need to worry
  27. Avatar
    Is the phone locked to Three?
    Nope, mine is unlocked.
  28. Avatar
    Does it matter if the trade in phone has a crack in the screen
    No.....when they ask you about condition of the phone, just select cracked screen. My trade in phone also has a cracked screen & doesn't power up.
  29. Avatar
    Where do you claim the Disney? I can't see it anywhere
  30. Avatar
    how to claim galaxy buds2?