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Samsung S22 Phone + £7 Cable + Case £620.80 / £420.80 With Any Trade In @ Samsung

£620.80£77620% off
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Shared by NBLon
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Posted 13th Jun 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

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credit @coldsky Add the tablet twice, then reduce quantity back to one - the tablet case added automatically gives the 20% discount.
credit @MrSwitch for Samsung tablet deal

This seems to be working for all the mobiles and tablets on Samsung website


Info added by @Sashecuador

3949060_1.jpgThe slim bezels flow into a symmetrical polished frame for an expansive, balanced display. As a finishing touch, the monochromatic camera housing surrounds a linear camera system. Oh so beautiful

Throwing shade at conventional colours
Striking Phantom White, knock-out Green, soft Pink Gold or classic Phantom Black — the choice isn't easy, but there's no right or wrong.

3949060_1.jpgExclusive colours for everyone
Playful hues that turn heads. Choose from a range of fresh colourways available exclusively on Samsung.com.2

Graphite Cream Sky Blue Violet
3949060_1.jpg3949060_1.jpgIt's a pro-grade kit that fits in one hand. The triple Rear Camera and Selfie Camera offer innovative camera hardware and software so you can easily shoot a Gallery full of share-worthy content

The best things happen after dark. Capture it with the epic tech upgrades to our Pro-grade Camera. The big pixel sensor enlarges pixels to pull in light while the Super Clear Glass dials down lens flare — all to make night time photos and videos come out clear as day.

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  1. Avatar
    You guys should probably buy a 25W charger for the regular S22 and the 45W one for the Plus/Ultra as the second item (they don't come with the phone).

    I know it might be cheaper adding a case but you need this thing too. (edited)
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    I went for this in march when they had a similar offer along with the watch4.
    I can confirm the battery is absolutely dreadful. The phone is constantly on the charger and it drains the battery very fast.
    I have swapped from an iPhone and I wish I wouldn't have.
    Thanks for confirming my doubt. Will stay away for now
  3. Avatar
    I assume you know the ultra isn't on the £200 recycle trade in?
  4. Avatar
    I believe based on previous promotions it does apply to EPP/Education. Nothing in the T&C's say otherwise, just says Samsung Shop Online.
  5. Avatar
    If you register on Samsungs website, they email you a discount code on your birthday.

    On this deal (non EPP /Student site), its £531.08 or £331.08 once you get your cashback!

    47615567_1.jpg47615567_1.jpg (edited)
    Your wish is granted. DM'd you.

    Buy via Curve (samsung pay for 5% cashback)
  6. Avatar
    Is the battery life still bad for this one like s21?

    Replying to

    It's slightly worse than the S21.

    This is my experience having owned both, and the benchmarks and reviews back it up too (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Expired? As a couple have mentioned above, the deal is buy three Galaxy devices now, as in phones or tablets etc.

    Cannot select the case or cable which is sad because I would have bought this deal if it was still available
    I can still able to add it to the cart. just randomly selected any cover47620217-Rp7xF.jpg
  8. Avatar
    The S22 hasn't done too well? They're literally giving them away.
    Maybe people are choosing to keep their phones with the rising costs of living and the yearly updates are very incremental now anyway. For example, The S22 is barely an upgrade over the S21 and the battery life is worse. (edited)
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    Was gonna upgrade the wife from the s10 but this doesn't have a Micro SD card slot or a headphone jack (which she uses on the regular)?

    Seems like a step backwards from 3/4 years ago

    She wont notice the 120hz as she sees no difference between my pixel 6 pro and her current s10 lol
    What does she use the headphone jack for? Is it just that she hasn't tried Bluetooth earphones yet?
    Because I was a stalwart for the jack but since owning some really good (and cheap) BT headphones I'd never go back.

    I needed my AUX port for the first time in 2 years at the weekend so I'd argue its not necessary!

    Check out the Earfun Air Pro 2's for best sounding earphones under £100
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    Can you also claim the £200 recycle offer ?
    Yes you can
  11. Avatar
    Am I missing a step but when trying to buy the s22+ it's giving £100 for Android, but further down it says the recycle deal. Do I ignore the trade in deal and do the recycle offer?
    It doesn't include the plus or ultra.
  12. Avatar
    Anyone got a spare 15% birthday code?
  13. Avatar
    @NBLon sorry OP but this post is misleading. You could get UP to £200 but that would depend entirely on their technicians and how much they think your device is worth, taken from the T&C:

    "Once we receive your device, it will be inspected by our technicians to check whether it meets the 'Recycle Criteria' set in the Terms of the promotion. Your cashback reward will be dependent on the condition your item is in when inspected"

    Someone will have to make a claim and then enter random Samsung devices or tables and see some estimates, but at this point nobody has any idea how much they would give for let's say a Galaxy S10e (edited)
    It does also say under the T&C's that - Under the Promotion, the Trade-In Device does not need to be working and can be in any condition. It may be any mobile phone, tablet (including e-readers), laptop (including 2in1 devices), watch/smartwatch or buds/headphones (wired or wireless) made by any manufacturer, of any age and with any operating system installed, that meet the following criteria (Trade-In Criteria) depending on the type of Promotion Product purchased:
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    It's cheaper to add a case, as the case is then 80% off - I added the clear case for £1 and it gives the 20%
    I can't see 80% of the cases, please share the link?
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    Got the green S22 256Gb + clear case for £563 which will hopefully drop to £363 after cashback, managed to use all the discounts + birthday discount. I’m going to send an Samsung phone from 2010 and hopefully they’ll accept it. Payed using PayPal too. (edited)
    How do you get the birthday discount please?
  16. Avatar
    Looks like a hell of a deal if it all works
  17. Avatar
    Does anyone know the requirements for the recycling reward? The link to it is giving a "502 bad gateway"
    remove the "/" from the end of the URL and it works
  18. Avatar
    would be nice if my order stopped getting cancelled
    I think they have some weird system where they cancel the orders if you order very frequently from them. Not sure why
  19. Avatar
    For anyone wondering the requirements on the recycling rewards they can be found on the claim website, section 7:

    Under the Promotion, the Trade-In Device does not need to be working and can be in any condition. It may be any mobile phone ... made by any manufacturer, of any age and with any operating system installed

    Symbian OS
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    Going by recent reddit posts from S22 owners it seems battery concerns still not fixed via software updates after all this time,
    You see some people posting some manual fixes you do yourself but unneeded hassle for buying a phone at this price you shouldn't need to
    Yeah I am not convinced that 3700 mAh is good when s21 had a bad battery life last year with 4000 mAh. Even pixel 4 XL had 3700 mAh battery and the battery life was terrible
  21. Avatar
    If I trade in huawei p30 pro will they still give me £200 reward for S22? Please someone advice
    I know P30 pro is a good phone and I have one! If your P30 pro is working properly it would be a shame to exchange it in trade for this, if you can find a cheaper less worth mobile..........
    Having said that I need to find my O2 mobile from 2006 or that samsung S3, hope they both still work!
  22. Avatar
    Fantastic deal if it all goes through..... Are there any spare Birthday Codes about... Cheers all...
  23. Avatar
    How did you get it for 531? I can’t get that even on EPP/student?
  24. Avatar
    works with the ultra for me too.

    Replying to

    the 20% off when you buy 2 or more mobile products deal. I originally included a screenshot of my basket but it got removed. Also the S22 Ultra has trade-in which seems to be different from recycling. With the trade-in option I have to provide the phone type and imei already when you purchase the S22 ultra. I get 310 for my S10, plus hopefully 15%off for birthday. Let's see if it all works.
  25. Avatar
    What's the link to receive the 15% birthday discount via Newsletter?
    I wouldn't hold my breath that it would work with existing discounts...
  26. Avatar
    I've got the Ultra coming tomorrow. Which means I have a considerably, considerably better phone than yow!
    how much you payed ?
  27. Avatar
    can you send in any phone for the £200 recycle offer?
  28. Avatar
    S22+ with the £17 clear cover £759.20
    47615242_1.jpg (edited)
    Also free Galaxybuds via Bluelight
  29. Avatar
  30. Avatar
    Samsung pay = 5% cashback and Topcashback 3% ... Should bring this down to £370 after all cashback, no ?
    I made a purchase using topcashback and samsung pay for the first time a couple of days ago and neither showing anything yet. after going through topcashback I just selected samsung pay as payment method and selected my curve card and all went through. Is that correct and should work? How long does it take to show up on the app as i havent seen anything yet?
  31. Avatar
  32. Avatar
    Am I right in thinking I can recycle any phone in any condition for £200 cashback?

    I am trying to purchase a s22. I have a note 8 and an iPhone 6s. Both with cracked screens. Can I send any of them back?
  33. Avatar
    What if old phone has cracked screen
  34. Avatar
    No free Buds.
  35. Avatar
    Can anyone get Birthday code to work through BLC?
  36. Avatar
    Traded in an S4 no problems. It did power up and hold a charge. Took a out 2 weeks from receipt to when it was confirmed as being accepted for the trade in
  37. Avatar
    How do you add the cable and case?

    I only see galaxy products and not those. Am I missing something?

    47619029-goz8V.jpg (edited)
  38. Avatar
    Where are you guys finding this cable and case? I think I see the c to c cable. Mine goes into basket at 5.60. the clear case is going in at 15quid though!
  39. Avatar
    Could I send my old s7 edge which doesn't turn on
  40. Avatar
    I've got a Motorola a920 in a drawer.
    Could be time it left.