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Posted 1 February 2023

Samsung S23 256gb (same price as 128gb) & 3 year Warranty & Free Case £849 (£749 with trade in) @ Amazon

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

The new S23 which is being announced right now is up on Amazon and they have the 256gb priced at the same price as the 128gb.

Also comes with 3 year extended warranty and £100 guaranteed trade in

Also comes with a free case (see special offers) and 10% off wearable products

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Features & details
  • Unbox the change you want to see in the world. Crafted with recycled glass and PET film and coloured with natural dyes, each phone is tucked into a box made of recycled paper and paper-based protective film
  • Get ready for a smartphone Gallery full of epic night shots everyone will want. Nightography's enhanced AI keeps details clear, so low light photos and videos will be bright and colourful from dusk to dawn and back again.
  • The 50MP Wide-angle Camera works hand-in-hand with a powerful chip, rapidly combining frames to extract bits from each into a single hi-res photo. Add in Detail Enhancer technology and you've got quality so sharp; you'll keep zooming in for more.
  • When stopping's not an option, this revolutionary chip powers your android phone to deliver better gaming and video streaming, with extended battery life to carry you through the most epic of days.
  • Call it a night? Nah. Game on and binge-watch your favourite shows with the phones long-lasting and fast-charging battery.

What’s in the Box 4079552_1.jpg
1. Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+ 2.Data Cable (C to C) 3.Ejection Pin 4.Quick Start Guide
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. cirian1975's avatar
    Get the 256, it has UFS4.0 storage

    The 128 has slower 3.1UFS
  2. xybp9's avatar
    lol not worth this price to begin with

    in a month it will be selling for half this price on ebay through people hocking carrier upgrades. That's how I got my S8, S10, and S20

    you're a sucker paying this inflated rrp
    Naqvi's avatar
    It will not be half the price in a month. The S22 ultra was just half price a week ago after a year on sale!
  3. Scalesofjustice's avatar
    rediculous price. seriously you can have an excellent mobile for half this why bother.
    realdeals's avatar
    Half the price with a
    8 Gen 2
    Victus 2
    256 GB UFS
    3 year warranty
    4 years OS support
    5 years security
    8K 25/30
    3 PROPER rear cameras
    Armoured Aluminium frame.
    Point me in the direction of this phone, because most 2023 Flagships will not not match this level of quality. (edited)
  4. Anthony_ZxF's avatar
    Did they fix the battery size? The small 3700 battery ruled out the S22 for me.
    mark077's avatar
    3900mah here, chip is a lot more efficient too.
  5. haosmc's avatar
    Sorry but I see no deal!
    rodman's avatar
    look again it is there!!
  6. vasya's avatar
    How to get £100 guaranteed trade in?
  7. MrJezbud_.'s avatar
    Promo for double memory is across most retails. Samsung Direct, Amazon, Currys, John Lewis ect
  8. BreakingBank's avatar
    Managed to get the s23 ultra 512gb for £927 after trading in my s20 (including 4% top cashback) (edited)
    vanbling's avatar
    Don't kid yourself, you've given them £200 worth of phone. So you've actually paid more like £1127. That's the actual cost.....
  9. Roystrainset's avatar
    If i sell my S21 i will get around £200 so its going to cost about £650 to upgrade to this. Nowhere near worth it.
    Toon_army's avatar
    Are s21 only worth £200 now? I'm a little out the loop with prices, I've had my s10 for bloody ages. Kept saying I'd upgrade but tbh my s10 is still doing well, battery is great and still seems quick! Dunno if I should get a s21 or s22
  10. Xenu_Jahbulon's avatar
    are these now qualcomm instead of exynos?
    kwl147's avatar
    Yes. This year finally Samsung has given all models the Snapdragon chips
  11. explosiveblarg's avatar
    20p to add the buds2. Wtf
    miguel_c's avatar
    The trade in not available if you buy with buds & case?
  12. kawsar17's avatar
    Really don't see how this is £200 more than a pixel 7 pro...
  13. Joshfount's avatar
    Great deal as it's on Amazon ♨️
  14. Alexwm's avatar
    Maybe it was worth it a few years ago when you got a decent free gift however double storage isn't worth it. I'll be sticking with my s21
    MrJezbud_.'s avatar
    double storage and increased ram
  15. J79's avatar
    The trade in values are a joke
  16. nonooney's avatar
    This is not a deal, since when we need to pay so much for a Samsung. $799 rrp but £749 for S23. S22 to S23 is just like iphone 13 to iphone 14. There are not much upgrade. If the price is like the launch of S22,freebies ,generous trade in value, still worth it. At this launch price, why not get an iPhone instead. Three months later, the second hand value of Iphone 14 will be higher than the S23.
    BargainHunta96's avatar
    Why not get an iPhone? Maybe because not everyone is a fan of iPhones and prefer Samsung? It's not a deal for you so people should buy an iPhone. Laughable really.
  17. Minal_1's avatar
    Bruh amazon fr ahead of the game
  18. BarneyRubble's avatar
    Same with the ultra

    Edit it's a promo where the 512gb are the same as the 256gb, same price on Samsung website (edited)
  19. MonkeyMan90's avatar
    I think we have hit the peak in terms of tech on phones. I really don't see any reason to upgrade to this.
    mcmn181's avatar
    I'm not very techie, when you say no reason to upgrade to this can I please ask from what phone are you meaning from S22, S22 ultra?? I have a A51 and thinking about upgrading but if a lesser phone rivals the tech from the S23 it would probably be much cheaper pls can you give me your opinion on what ones best? Thanks
  20. Skyblue22's avatar
    The design looks smexy
    MonkeyMan90's avatar
    It's pretty much identical to all of its predecessors?
  21. C0mbat's avatar
    The only place to get a good deal with be on the Samsung EPP/Uni portal.
    Katro16's avatar
    Not really given with trade in the non epp is cheaper.
  22. Mav1385's avatar
    Looks like Amazon is the best place to buy worh £100 off
  23. Incognito123's avatar
    Get decent condition used S21 ultra or S22 ultra, S21 plus, s22 plus instead of s23 or s23 plus

    Only S23 ultra has decent camera upgrade over previous generation and as far as CPU or GPU concern then last two generation of galaxy are fast enough to run any task you want
    nonooney's avatar
  24. mattgod69's avatar
    I have the s22 ultra... it is an amazing phone and really fast... maybe if you are trying to run massive games the new chip would be better, but for me the cost is way too much for the benefit. The important bits for me like the screen, stylus etc is the same. (edited)
  25. Katro16's avatar
    Can't trade in S22 on amazon?
    geowars2's avatar
    It seems not - I noticed that too.
  26. softice's avatar
    Any idea how can I check the trade-in value of my device ? Thanks
's avatar