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Posted 18 August 2023

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 256GB Smartphone - Sold & Dispatched by Blue-Fish

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra SM-S918B 17.3 cm (6.8") Android 13 5G USB Type-C 8 GB 256 GB 5000 mAh Black

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Brand: Samsung
Model name: S23 Ultra 5G
Wireless carrier: Unlocked for All Carriers
Operating system: Android 13.0
Cellular technology: 5G
Memory storage capacity: 8 GB
Connectivity technology: USB
Colour: Black
Wireless network technology: Wi-Fi, LTE
RAM memory installed size: 8 GB

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  1. psmith1958's avatar
    If your going for this only do

    Sold by amazon

    Delivered by amazon

    Otherwise amazon will cover you so far

    But after that

    Contact the seller

    Be aware (edited)
    nw104hh's avatar
    Agreed, and i wouldn't...
  2. Arizolas's avatar
    Buy on a CC you'd be covered

    Section 75 (edited)
    fishmaster's avatar
    Not sure about this ^

    What is the timeframe for Section 75?

    You should make a claim as soon as you identify the problem or are concerned about a transaction. This is because your card provider usually needs to start the chargeback process within 120 days from when you made the transaction or when you were due to receive the goods or services.


    S75 claim time limit

    There are no minimum or maximum spend limits for a Chargeback claim, but there's a time limit - you get 120 days from when you first notice a problem. You can make a claim directly through the card issuer.


    Is Amazon Marketplace classed as 3rd party?


    Shoppers using Amazon Marketplace to buy high-value items have been warned that their credit card company won't come to their aid if there's a major problem with their purchase and the retailer refuses to help. Article is 10 years old but reference in this 2018 thread >

  3. iby2012's avatar
    Lesson to remember to pre-order next time, 20% off, storage upgrade, and phone bonus trade in (£100) i got the higher RAM, 512Gb model for £850 with the galaxy buds 2. Kinda crazy we have only seen 1 deal so far touch that price, not long to the s24 could just wait...
    papaguy's avatar
    Actually I will never preorder again ( from Samsung) While I was waiting for delivery to happen, even Samsung was giving 10+10% discounts. When I raised this with them, they advised me to send the preordered one back and reorder it with the discount. So I did, but next I would rather save the hassle. Just saying.
  4. CaseClosed's avatar
    The ASIN doesn't come up anywhere but amazon page, BEWARE (edited)
    james2k66's avatar
    Its the amazon number. Of course it doesn't..
  5. nw104hh's avatar
    How come this deal is HOT!!!!!...People see Amazon price and they vote hot... they shouldn't!!!
    Animal5865's avatar
    No Amazon is dear.
  6. Hurgz1976's avatar
    If this is a non UK model then surely it should say it in the title? Otherwise it's misleading ❄️🥶
    Dan_425's avatar
    Amazon should be blocking this seller as against amazon rules and possibly uk law
  7. Grogu's avatar
    Amazing phone can't believe how good the battery is with a Snapdragon. Camera really well optimised now. It's an absolute powerhouse
  8. Dan_425's avatar
    More and more dodgy sellers turning up on hot uk deals. Not being properly moderated.
    Not long ago I shared a deal from reputable seller anime on line, who've been selling for decades and mods blocked it.
    What is going on?
  9. deleted169561's avatar
    From reviews looks like it's a non UK model, and if there is something wrong with it, good luck getting a refund. That's if you actually receive it without problems. Really worth it to save not much?
    Wadadli_Cooler's avatar
    Indeed, and Samsung won't honour the warranty if it goes faulty.
  10. tatmandu73's avatar
    Nowhere near as good as the AO deal a few weeks ago, which netted at £650 after cashback.
    james2k66's avatar
    Cool story. Listing old expired unavailable deals.
  11. USERTEMP's avatar
    Such a shame high end phones no longer take micro SD cards and you pay the storage tax
    Ciarlo2006's avatar
    Setup ftp and send it all home or to an online storage like google drove or one drive, save your money.
  12. aknife's avatar
    am i missing something? any particular reason this is so cheap compared to other sellers? normal price is 1100+ every where i look.

    Edit: they answered my message, if anyone finds this useful. But I'm still on the fence.
    50813710_1.jpg50813710-YlNZB.jpg (edited)
    Thislife79's avatar
    May not have a manufacturer's warranty in UK/EU...
  13. Wadadli_Cooler's avatar
    I would wait for the launch of the S24 range. These are usually heavily discounted direct from Samsung, with good cashback and trade-in. I traded in a S9 for a S22 Ultra, well before the S23 was launched, and had to put just £300 to it. (edited)
    CaseClosed's avatar
    February? You know thats 6 month wait
  14. Ihfaz's avatar
    I ordered this morning for £699 from dealmonday. Great trustpilot reviews and accepts Amex too.
    bagga212's avatar
    Let’s know if you get the phone or a box filled with sand (edited)
  15. zombie_unchained's avatar
    Wouldn't advise you to buy from a third party. Not worth a money .
  16. BB89.'s avatar
    I wouldn't trust it. Also to put things in perspective, i know time machine doesn't exist but.. i pre order my S23U 512gb from Samsung and with trade in of any broken device and their promotions ended up £880 including rhe Smart Tag+. That's on pre release on 15/02/2023
's avatar