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Posted 12 September 2022

Samsung S8 Ultra 14.6 wifi + Free Tab A8 + Samsung Buds 2 £899.10 + £150 off for any tablet in any condition @ Samsung EPP

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Thought I'd share this deal I've just got through Samsung EPP

I purchased the 14.6 Samsung tab s8 ultra and got the Samsung tab A8 64gb and Samsung buds 2 free.

The tablet is reduced from £999 to £899.10 already through the portal. But you can also get an additional £150 for trading in an old tablet.

My total was 749.10 for the three items which I think is pretty good.
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    Seems a decent deal for those that want one.
    But, I struggle to see (pun intended) the point of these. Surely, to view a tablet this size comfortably, you'd have to hold it at full arms length... And have long arms... (edited)
    I've got one and I use it as a desktop replacement (with an MX mini keyboard / Bluetooth mouse / raised tablet stand). Looks very sleek and modern downstairs. They've just updated android for improved mouse support and easy split screen etc too without being in Dex mode and it's perfect for me (using notion, word, web browsing, Spotify, audible, kindle etc). Also use it as a second monitor when working from home. Just gone away with the missus for the night and it's fantastic to transport and watch Netflix / YouTube etc too (fits into the 13 inch MacBook bag I had, with a case / built in stand on too). Best thing I've bought in a long time.
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    I bought and returned the galaxy tab s8. For me android tablets are quite restrictive and it's just an extension of your phone. I ended up getting a surface pro 8 instead as with windows it means it opens up more stuff I can do. I got the pro 8 for £562 which was about £100 more expensive than the galaxy tab
    Uhm you know it has Dex, right?
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    But honestly if I were spending circa £900 on a tablet, I would just buy an iPad instead. Even the entry level iPad will beat any android flagship in the world. Honestly cold for me tbh
    In what way would the ipad beat it?
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    Why so cold brilliant deal if you can get it
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    Just ordered this, it's actually a fantastic deal especially as you can now get the keyboard case for free Terms - Samsung Promotions looks like you need to have ordered from the 14th of September but if you ordered just before maybe contact Samsung and worst case return your order and order again. That case is worth over £200 so definitely worth the hassle (edited)
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    Great deal that
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    Buds 2 didn't add for me. Just the tab 8. Which EPP did you use?
    Perks at work
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    Thanks for the post
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    the same -£150 trade in stacked with the S8+ 5G recently, and brought it down to £389 at checkout
    Sent in an old ipad gen1
    Also came with Buds2
    Have it upstairs
    Has the price of the + gone up or am I misreading this? wifi model£764 before trade in how'd you get it down that much (edited)
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    At this price point, just hold fire and get 2 Tab S8+ when that deal comes back. 😋
    That deal was a definite glitch.
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    Would love one of these but they're a little too spenny still for me. My S7+ will do for a bit longer!
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    This is a good deal but I don't need free buds 2, I don't need an A8 tablet and I certainly have no need for a 15 inch S8 tablet otherwise this is a great deal
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    Just picked up a Tab S7+ on marketplace for £300 immaculate condition. Did I get a good deal? :P
    100% !
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    Got this for around 570 with buds 2 and smart tag about 2 months ago.. absolutely cracking tablet. Beautiful build quiality and screen is amazing. A few people have asked about it when I whip it out in coffee shop lol its a big boy that's for sure
    You could have got a base iPad for half of that. Works a lot better
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    Paid more a launch but got the keyboard case and mouse, it is hard to decided between this and my Samsung Book2 laptop.
    Really does galze the tablet to laptop lines
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    received my tablet (tablets) today and have applied and had the keyboard approved. no sign of how I send in my old tablet though. will wait a few days and contact samsung if I don;t hear anything