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Samsung S95B 65" QD OLED 4K Quantum HDR Smart TV + S801B 3.1.2 Soundbar £1969.10 with code + Up to £400 trade-in @ Samsung

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

65" Samsung S95B

Trade in any old tv for £400 off

Use code TVFLASH10 for further 10% off and a free soundbar

Total £1609.10


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    It's £1609.10 if you do the trade-in.

    Man! You should have seen the TV I traded in on my 55 S95B must of been worth all of 50p!
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    I was very tempted by this offer but having seen it next to an LG (C2) and Sony (84K) WOLED with a few different sources, I just found the Samsung colours to look really unnatural and the build quality was shocking on the display model in Currys. The sound bar is definitely needed as the internal speakers were poor - got to say that the Sony XR TVs have excellent built in sound. I have an LG55E9 from 2019 with a built in soundbar for reference.

    I’d definitely recommend having a quick look at one in a shop before buying. This TV is on a great offer here but for very good reason - it felt comparable to TVs in the £1000-1500 range and not the £2000-2500.
    You can’t trust how these will be set up in a shop, out of the box they do look terrible, but once you change the settings and tweak the colour it really is a fantastic picture for the money.
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    I'm about to grab this deal and trade up my 55" KS7000.
    dont send the KS7000 to them get a cheap TV from facbook and then sell the KS7000 for more than that cheap tv cost you
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    They added the discount code back but removed the 5 year warranty offer . If they give 5 year warranty then they remove the 10% discount code which was the case few days back. Here's the screenshot from few days back for same product.

    48196179-cIYsu.jpg (edited)
    It’s typical dodgy stuff from Samsung. Interestingly, according to the terms and conditions of the Samsung warranty, it would seem the S95B IS covered –

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    5 year warranty confirmed. Not available for delivery in my area
    Can you try refreshing page few times? Happened same to me but I just checked out successfully.
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    Btw. Worth to try Quidco for additional cashback as they got increased cashback to 5.5% and this voucher code is listed on their website.

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    This or an LG C2? Someone put me out of my misery. Such a tough call. Ready to pull the trigger on either to be honest...
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    Kind of got my heart set on lg g2. Tv is about 3m away from seating area. We have a 55 which is fine but would prefer to go to a 65. Room is quite bright and tv mainly for watching sport during day and evening tv (kids will play ps4 but this is less important from a quality/spec perspective). This deal looks good as it’s a 65 but understand these aren’t great for bright rooms. Do I just hold out for cheaper deals on the 55 g2 or maybe even c2 in the lead up to Black Friday? Do we think either will get towards 1k soon? Or is this too good to miss.
    I don't know who gave you that idea...samsung normally has better anti reflective coating that other manufacturers and qd-oleds are supposedly brighter than most oleds - though the g2 with the heatsink is a close competition to this in terms of brightness.
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    What's the TV trade in like? Could you trade a broken 17" 4:3 Alba from 2006?
    Yep, any TV, any condition, just select 'Less than 32-inch' and 'Other' brand.
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    Great deal. Gutted the option for PayPal credit disappears when you add the trade up option
    Also cant get samsung finance to work either as get error
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    anyone having trouble getting the samsung finance to work?
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    Samsung chat just confirmed a 5 year warranty on this TV.
    Ordered the TV! Just popped into Currys again and had a good play on a 65-inch S95B. Had an LG C2 right next to it for comparison and although the LG picture was a fraction more detailed, the S95B just looked incredible, particularly when showing night skies etc.
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    Through all old TV’s out last week so all I have is an old pc monitor, do you reckon they will accept that for the discount
    Spoke to them about this last night. They won't accept a monitor. It has to be a TV.

    If you've got another small TV in the house, might be worthwhile getting rid of it and upgrading tho, as 32 inch TVs can be bought for a lot less than 400 (edited)
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    Bit the bullet bought a really crap tv for £25 for the trade in so it was £1609 then got Quidco cash back of £92. Just over £1500 for the telly not bad
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    Thanks for posting @Djsimmz and well done on your first post
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    Damn, this is hot. Nice deal!
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    5 year warranty is listed in their offers section.
    @Djsimmz how did you find out about that free soundbar? I couldn't find it advertised anywhere. It's impossible to find this offer without adding this TV to your basket. (edited)
    Pure luck of adding it to my basket as well
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    That's a good little deal. Nice!
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    This seems crazy cheap for this TV with the soundbar aswell, are we 100% sure we will get the 5 year warranty aswell? As going onto the register page and its not on the drop down list (edited)
    its in the pdf above so thats pretty strong
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    assume no Dolby Vision?
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    It now hangs on samsung finance as i was going to spread it 0%

    An error occurred while processing your request.Reference #97.6caace17.1662751093.2192e979 (edited)
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    I'm 99% sure this will be my next TV, hoping for some deals during BF at John Lewis as I have a few vouchers to burn!
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    Now getting Unfortunately we cannot deliver to your area on an ipad,......i want to give them money why so hard?

    ON chat and they say they are aware of the website issue and to try again in 24hours.....will they pull the offer tho (edited)
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    How does this compare to the Sony A80K or LG C2? I was planning on picking up one of those later in the year, but this deal looks good. Also, do they only have the white soundbar available?
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    I should remove HUKD app!!! Ordered Samsung instead LG G2. What have I done?!
    You'll thank us later. This Samsung it's bargain in this price, soundbar and possible cashback from Quidco (+Samsung Pay cashback?).

    Cheapest 65" G2 I can find now is £2,349.
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    The thing about Samsung TVs are that they don't play in Dolby Vision and unless you don't want to watch Netflix or Disney Plus you will get a darker picture which is why I'll never buy a Samsung TV again.
    Is it really that bad? I was really interested in getting this but I was unsure of Dolby vision
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    Anyone got the samsung finance to work?
    I was trying for 2 hours last night and nothing was about to try again now
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    12 year old Toshiba 46 inch LED on last legs, so haven’t kept up with technology. Which is best OLED or QLED.
    What size should I go for, we sit just under 4 metres away, seats are all parallel to the TV so side angle viewing not important. (edited)
    This is QD-OLED, so is supposed to combine the best elements of both. OLED is the better technology than QD though, overall if you favour having deep inky blacks instead of the slight brighter picture of QD panels. OLEDs are better in dark rooms, this QD-OLED tech is fine in any situation.

    For your seating you should aim for 65” if it will fit, it will look ginormous to you at first coming from 46” but you will soon realise what you have been missing. (edited)
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    Out of stock according to the customer service representative.
    EDIT: They got 233 in stock currently. (edited)
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    12 months at purchase, then you register for the 5yr one thereafter, and if there is any difficulty you refer Samsung to their own T&C's in their pdf, which is posted elsewhere in this thread.
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    Anyone managed to get finance to work? Still getting an error
    Nope tried on phone, laptop etc no joy. Credit card worked but obviously that's not the point
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    Sod it put it on Visa and gone through delivery thursday
    Glad you secured one bud...Unfortunately, I can only justify this by going through finance.
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    Is the soundbar good? Ideally I'd prefer to sell it and buy my own but not sure what they sell for (or whether they'd even sell)
    Im going to use the sound bar with my PC upstairs as already got a top of range samsung sound bar from 2 years ago
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    Anyone got the TV delivered yet?
    Was meant to be delivered yesterday but now due between 1pm-3pm.......tick tock tick tock
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    This is such a good deal but seeing the rate of price drops on this model makes me tempted to wait a bit longer
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    1600 with TV trade in. 1740 through secret sale without any trade in 🏼
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    Does the trade in TV need a remote ?
    It’s not a requirement to give the driver collecting the traded-up TV the power cable or remote but we will recycle these if requested.