Unfortunately, this deal has expired 20 November 2022.
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Posted 17 November 2022

Samsung 65" S95B OLED 4K Quantum HDR Smart TV+ Galaxy Watch 5 Pro £1444.15 @ Samsung EPP

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

2022 65" S95B QD OLED 4K Quantum HDR Smart TV, Silver, 65

Sport Band (M/L) for all Galaxy Watch4/Watch5 models , White

Galaxy Watch5 Pro Bluetooth (45mm), Grey Titanium, 16 GB

Samsung More details at Samsung

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    1-year warranty
    Bugger! just pulled the trigger on this thinking it come with 5 years (edited)
  2. Avatar
    This or the LG C2 or something else??
    Here's a head to head between the two, the Samsung wins pretty much every category...


    I'm intrigued to know the reason why anyone would pick the C2 over the S95B? I think the main reason would be blind brand loyalty more than anything else. When I decided to get another oled TV this year, S95B was a no brainer when comparing this year's offerings.
  3. Avatar
    Jump in price makes the 65 over the 55 poor value
    A 65" TV is 42% larger than 55". The 55" is £1079 so adding 42% equals £1532. This is £90 cheaper. How exactly is it poor value?
  4. Avatar
    Can anyone confirm this has the 6 year warranty?
    Just 1 year warranty
  5. Avatar
    Looks likes it's back at £1699
  6. Avatar
    Page is not available.
  7. Avatar
    Page is down
    Works fine for me epp page 
  8. Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your first deal, @Chris_Shippen !
  9. Avatar
    Saw this today. Stunner. Think I'm downsizing tho. Awaiting a deal on the 55.
  10. Avatar
    Is it qled or oled?
    Q - unreal colours,
    O - LG panel.
    It's both combined. But panel from Samsung Displays, who Sony and Samsung are using.
  11. Avatar
    Watch is available with quite a few models it seems. Better deal than the soundbar they were offering the other day!
  12. Avatar
    Link not working
  13. Avatar
    Any 75 inch equivalents on offer?
  14. Avatar
    Does it come with one connect box??
  15. Avatar
    I would get this but the 1 year warranty could be a deal breaker… any predictions of what other outlets could price this closer to BF?
  16. Avatar
    Kitted the house out in Samsung's oled 32 in kitchens, some bedrooms etc about ten years ago. After a few years Samsung blocked several mainstream apps we were using. That annoyed me quite a lot. I don't use them anymore.
    any TV in particular which is 10years or more obviously will not support latest apps or updates not just samsung
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    Looked like a decent deal but no longer exists

    A new tv is top of my shopping list
    Is 8k worth the investment? I have skyq im sure it is only 4k

    And i just noticed that samsung offer interest free monthly payment options which is brilliant (edited)
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    No longer available.
  19. Avatar
    Still seems live to me
    Make sure it’s the partner program you log into for the EPP


    48750425_1.jpg (edited)
    That's watch 5, not watch 5 pro.
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    Can confirm this deal is still live. Still the best deal on the s95b after selling the watch. Keeps popping in and out of stock on the samsung galaxy pro 5 watch as the bands keep selling out. Band colour keeps getting changed manually I assume and the deal gets restocked. It's currently the sport band in green. (just purchased an hour ago)