SAMSUNG Series 3 WiFi Chromebook  instore @ PC World / Currys- Silver  £209 using o2 moments £20 off

SAMSUNG Series 3 WiFi Chromebook instore @ PC World / Currys- Silver £209 using o2 moments £20 off

Found 20th Dec 2012
These get great reviews on amazon and with eperts, I know these are not for everyone but i have had a try of one and picked one up using my20 off from o2 moments, hope my son boy likes it as much as me. Seems like a bargain…ook…8-1

They are only available form PC World, Currys and Amazon so £20 cheaper than Amazon if you are on o2

•Exynos 5250 processor
•2GB of RAM
•7-second boot up
•1000s of apps
Access applications and surf the web with blazingly fast speeds on the compact Samsung Series 3 WiFi Chromebook.

Riding on chrome

The Chromebook comes with built-in applications to get you started on your daily tasks. The Chrome website also offers thousands of downloadable applications. The system automatically updates itself and the applications, saving you the effort.

You can get things done swiftly on this impressive computer, the device boots up in 7 seconds and instantly resumes from sleep.

Cloud storage

The Samsung Chromebook comes with cloud computing features designed to make your life easier. Cloud storage allows you to store everything online, removing the risk of lost data and allowing you to access files securely from any internet connection.

Easy and convenient

Instantly connect online through the built-in wireless technology, share content, create pages and enjoy apps.

A high definition screen means you can view content in awesome detail and enjoy media the way it should be.

Connect content and transfer data in great speeds with the USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports.

Secure sharing

The Chrome browser allows you to save files to Google Drive, which means you can continue from where you left off across all your devices.

With multiple layers of security and data encryptions the Chrome device is already protected against viruses and threats, so peace of mind is guaranteed!

Glide through web pages, applications and everything else with speed, security and convenience on the Samsung Series 3 WiFi Chromebook
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Why is not for everyone?
i think they are great but i meant i know some people sre not of same opinion
excellent computer I have two(not this model), No going back to a windows machine..
Going in store for a play, wife's laptop just broke
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