Samsung SM2033SW 20" TFT Monitor / 15000:1 / 1600x900/ Glossy [£109.98 @ Ebuyer ]
Samsung SM2033SW 20" TFT Monitor / 15000:1 / 1600x900/ Glossy [£109.98 @ Ebuyer ]

Samsung SM2033SW 20" TFT Monitor / 15000:1 / 1600x900/ Glossy [£109.98 @ Ebuyer ]

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Be one of the first to get the new range from Samsung..
Sleek Lines and a superb picture quality.. the new Samsung SM2033SW

The New 2033SW range, with a new 16:9 format this monitor is a true widescreen TFT. With a superfast response time and high contrast ratio the latest samsung range is perfect for anyone demanding more from there monitor.


* Screen size: 20"
* Brightness(Typical): 300 cd/㎡
* Contrast Ratio(Typical): DC 15000:1(1000:1)
* Resolution: 1600x900
* Response Time(Typical): 5
* Viewing Angle(Horizontal/Vertical): 170˚/160˚ (CR>10)
* Color Supported: 16.7 Mil.


It does look very sexy...

Very nice, though to be honest I think these small monitors are dying a death now.

I have been running 24" for a few years and was forced to go to a 20" the other day. The difference is major.

Got one of these for free with my laptop, very nice but not worth £110 with many better coming out now.

20" is fine for a desktop PC for general use, especially at 1600x900. Pretty good price as well. DVI, too.

I've had one Samsung TV and one monitor both break on me within 12 months though (and an AV receiver too, actually) so I don't think Samsung are too hot with reliability. Maybe I've just been unlucky.

Hot deal though.

I think its not bad for the price. Hope my Sammy TV and HT don't die like yours Soong.

I've got one, and it's fantastic, great image quality through DVI, looks very sleek and expensive. Worth every penny!

@Soong - I think all the Samsungs come with a 3 year warranty, and tbh for ~£100 for any similar brand, if it lasts longer than that with high usage you're doing well in my experience.

I've got a 23" which is over a year old, and has been fantastic, and a colleague has 2... i'm about to get another and won't look further than Samsung for the money.

Whoa, I thought that PC resolutions where the height and width were not divisible by 8, were a no-no? That's certainly the case with 1366x768. Does this monitor actually take a 1600x900 res., or does it take something like 1600x896 (with a 2-pixel vertical border)? I'm confused.

nearly bought the cheaper 20" samsung monitor, but this ones better. thks


Static CR of 1000:1 and a dynamic ratio of 15000:1. You call that dated? … Static CR of 1000:1 and a dynamic ratio of 15000:1. You call that dated? I paid £190 for my 2232BW a few months ago and that has a DR of 3000:1!

I wouldn't buy a monitor based on manufacturer specs since they tend to be so meaningless. Even the terms they use are misleading. The 'Dynamic contrast' feature has nothing to do with contrast at all, the contrast of the picture always stays at 1000:1* and this function just dimms the backlight in dark scenes and brightens it in light scenes giving you darker or lighter overall pictures rather than darker darks and brighter whites together.

The given figure tells you how darker/lighter your scenes will get (although I don't know if there's any standard way of measuring it), but it doesn't tell you anything about whether the brightness shifts will be stepped or smooth or whether they'll be well-adjusted.

*The contrast could actually be anything down to 150-200:1 at the brightness you would normally use the monitor at.

Sorry to bump an old thread but can anyone tell me if this monitor has a Matt effect TFT screen or a Gloss effect TFT screen. Ive seen various Gloss screens and the quality looks better than the Matt screens.
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