Samsung SM2333HD 23 inch Wide 5ms LCD TFT Monitor with Digital TV Tuner (Black) £214.99 @ Amazon

Samsung SM2333HD 23 inch Wide 5ms LCD TFT Monitor with Digital TV Tuner (Black) £214.99 @ Amazon

Found 3rd Sep 2009
* Dynamic Contrast 10000:1 for Vivid Colours
* Built-in Digital TV Tuner Picks Up Freeview
* Innovative Power Saving Facility Saves Energy and Money
* 2 x HDMI Sockets Connect to your Camcorder, Blu-Ray Player or Games Console
* Colour Effect Function Lets You Add Tints to Viewed Photos

With its champagne bubble back pattern and sensuous curves, the Samsung SM2333HD wide screen monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio, has a built in DTV Tuner and invisible speakers and invites you to enter a world where entertainment comes alive. Premium design which looks like a crystal glass with variety of colour (Rose Black, Emerald Black and Sapphire Black) gives an emotional touch to the user.

An extraordinary contrast ratio means a crystal clear picture every time. How can we make 10000:1 dynamic contrast? The monitor adjust its brightness and gamma of each frame and optimises the contrast between frames. Bright image: higher backlight with gamma control. Dark image: lower backlight with gamma control.

With 2 HDMI, it can be connected to a variety of AV devices such as a game console, DVD player, camcorder, home theatre as well as computers with high resolution contents such as 1080P.

With the Colour Effect function, you can enjoy the picture with your favourite photographic effect. The monitor supports 4 colour effects: grayscale, green, aqua and sepia.

The built-in digital TV tuner is an ideal solution for users who want to watch TV while working on a PC. With DVB enjoy multi-channel Freeview in various areas such as your office, living room or hotel.

The Samsung SM2333HD employs innovative power saving techniques, to save the environment and to save you money. In DPMS (Digital Power Management System) mode , the monitor uses less than 1W in stand-by mode. Auto power on/off function: 732N plus /932B plus can turn the power on and off automatically if the monitor detects the DPMS mode.

For flexibility, there is a customised key, where the function is preset by the users preferences. There are 4 options to select (MagicBright, MagicColour, Colour Effect and Image Size).


same price dixons, although i prefer amazon customer service!


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same price dixons, although i prefer amazon customer service!

If its same price at Dixons, I'd go dixons -good chance of 3% cashback via Topcashback :thumbsup:

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Sorry, didn't realise I had to host images on another site, I tried to hotlink directly from amazon. Also, the post for the same deal on Dixon's was marked 'Expired' - I assumed that was accurate, but next time I'll check it myself! I've had better experiences with Amazon as far as customer service goes, so this is an alternative. Exactly the same deal though. Seems to be a good monitor if you want something on a budget that you can use for everything.

Comes up for me on Amazon at £239.99


Comes up for me on Amazon at £239.99

Same here.
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