Samsung SM863a 480GB Enterprise SSD £301.85 @

Samsung SM863a 480GB Enterprise SSD £301.85 @

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Edited by:"JasonHR"Found 29th Sep 2017
OK, this won't please the masses on here who want a consumer drive at the fraction of the price.

For those looking for leading edge 2.5 inch Enterprise data centre SSD - then this is for you.
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Hot. I think people don't realise what an enterprise disk actually is. They last a hell of a lot longer than regular SSDs. In one of our data centres we had to replace about 100 Intel SSDs that were only 1 year old. The constant re-writes and deletes knackered all the SSDs. The enterprise ones however have been working great for 3 years now.
I am with you.
Please could tell me which model of Intel SSD it was ?
Also which one would you recommend for a DC ?
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