SAMSUNG SM932MW 19" LCD TV HD Ready only £99 @ RicherSounds (save £100)

SAMSUNG SM932MW 19" LCD TV HD Ready only £99 @ RicherSounds (save £100)

Found 22nd Jun 2009Made hot 22nd Jun 2009
Spotted this on the Richer Sounds website if anyone is interested. I don't know much about TVs but this got hot when it was posted for £130 a couple of months ago. Shame it doesn't include Freeview built-in but seems pretty good otherwise.
The Samsung SM932MW is the perfect widescreen monitor/analogue TV combo.

With a super fast response time of 5ms and a dense pixel resolution of 1440 x 900 this Samsung LCD is perfectly suited to gaming and TV alike.

Given its dual role in life, you'd expect this 19" Samsung HD LCD to be well equipped with sockets, and that's exactly what it is. For PC sources there's a choice of analogue VGA, DVI and, of course HDMI. The later two work equally for video sources, while other sources are catered for by the component, S-Video, SCART and composite inputs. In short, there's not much that can't be connected to the 932!

In addition to its supreme flexibility, this 19 inch LCD TV is also something of a looker. With its high gloss black finish and typically soft edges, the SM932MW is sleek and sexy and makes most other 19" screens look positively crude by comparison. With a depth of just 7cm, this Samsung 19" LCD is also one of the slimmest TVs on the market.

Finally, just to make the Samsung SM1932MW even more compelling, the power consumption is one of the lowest in its class. At just 45 watts, the Samsung LCD uses less power than the majority of light bulbs. Bright thinking from Samsung!

Hd Ready Yes
1080p Full Hd Ready No
Screen Size 19"
Analogue Tuner Yes
Digital Tuner No
Remote Control Yes
Pc Input Yes
Number Of Scart Sockets 1
Component Yes
S-Video Yes
Hdmi 1
Dvi 1
Pixel Resolution 1440 x 900
Dimensions 466 x 350 x 70
Contrast Ratio 1000:01:00
Response Time 5
Brightness 300
Wall Mount Required NA
200hz/100hz Scanning No


looks alright, pity no freeview and its not wall mountable though.

availability ....
Some may be ex-display, please call the store showing stock for details

Store Telephone Available Stock
Brighton 01273 673 333 (3)
Cardiff 02920 399 988 (1)
Corporate 020 7407 9090 (2)
Hanley 01782 289 009 (1)
London Bromley 020 8466 6565 (1)
London Croydon 0208 667 1100 (2)
London Holborn 0207 831 2888 (1)
London Southgate 020 8886 9111 (1)
Romford 01708 747 727 (1)
Southampton 02380 231 311 (1)
Stockport 0161 4801700 (1)
Weybridge 01932 821 111 (1)

(at time of posting)

i got this telly for mum at xmas, got it from ebuyer for £136, its good enough for the price but its not brilliant.
the set i bought suffered from a weird horizontal line after about 2 months use.

sound is tinny but that seems to be the case with 99% of these tvs.

Sadly no stock near me when I tried last week. Similarly the £99 LG's, Sharp's and JVC's at Tesco

In desperation (to watch Wimbledon in HD while appearing to be working at my desk :whistling:) I ended up buying a Teac T19LI638 from PC World for £149

It has Freeview, is wall mountable, has 1440x900 PC resolution and a power consumption of 43 watts!

Teac is usually a good brand, though I suspect that this is a DSG special as I can't find any details on the Teac website :w00t:

The SM in the model number is SyncMaster - a monitor. It's primarily designed for use as a monitor. Samsung, in collusion with certain retailers perhaps, market these as televisions. The TV picture (analog, as there is no built in digital tuner) won't be amazing. The speakers aren't loud, so avoid buying if hard of hearing. They work well enough when you're close up, using the monitor with a PC, but otherwise they're not much use. The system menu isn't great and the user's manual is fairly comical.

Taking that into consideration, I'd buy a different monitor for the money or an lcd designed predominantly to be used for watching television.

Heat for the price, because it is a low price for this product. I still think £99 is too much, though.

Good deal, pity it's in store as usual @ RhicherSounds

Great TV, I have the SM2032MW, exactly the same just 1" bigger. Fantastic screens these are. Get a pair of speakers though as the built in ones are tinny.

Bought this from Argos at £149 a few months ago. Great as a monitor, with a bright, punchy picture. BUT it's very poor as a TV (even through the scart socket - I use it with a Sky box). Colours are washed out and the picture has no depth. Also the viewing angle is very restricted. The sound is also very poor, but that's the case with almost all small screen LCD's.

Saying all that, £99 is an absolute bargain for this, as long as you're using it only as a TV on a part-time basis.
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