Samsung SmartThing starter kit was £199 now £154 if new customer discount code llw46 brings it down to £128.98  @ very...

Samsung SmartThing starter kit was £199 now £154 if new customer discount code llw46 brings it down to £128.98 @ very...

£154.99Very Deals
Found 10th Sep 2017
Product Description

Keep Your Home Connected With This Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit.

It includes a SmartThings Hub that can connect wirelessly with a huge range of smart devices and makes them all work together.

A SmartThings Multi Sensor is also included, that will help you to receive alerts if windows open unexpectedly. Use it to set connected lights to turn on and off as you open doors, windows, cupboards and more.

There's a SmartThings Motion Sensor too, which gives you the option to receive alerts if there’s movement inside or outside your home, or to turn on connected devices as people come and go.

The SmartThings Presence Sensor can send you alerts when people, pets, and cars arrive or leave home.

Finally, a SmartThings Power Outlet is included so that you can control lights, electronics, and small appliances from just about anywhere.

SmartThings works with a wide range of connected devices including lights, cameras, locks, thermostats, sensors and more. Automate your lights, control your home’s temperature and stay secure. Visit to see the full list of compatible devices.Depth: 124 MMHeight: 33 MMWidth: 124 MM
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Anyone have this?
Reviews appear good on Amazon.
I have it. I love it 😊 but it's far from perfect! It's not 100% reliable and can be really really frustrating at times. Out of the box it is limited in what you can do with it and if you have a look at the forum below you'll see that there are issues with most of the ST branded stuff that's included in this kit.

To get the best out of it you need to be prepared to learn a little and put some time into it. Would advise having a look at before buying.
I'd agree with what Mike says. I've had it for a while and although I do think it's a great bit of kit, it's far from reliable and takes a lot of messing around to get it working / keep it working. Great price with the code though and works well with Alexa / Google Home
Sometimes they discounted it to be £140
My 2 cent is to wait until black Friday
I have it, works flawlessly. Can be an issue sometimes when adding Z-Wave products from different manufacturers. But there are some awesome coders on the smartthings forums who can code pretty much any device handler.
Like people are saying. its not flawless and things dont always work so theres no way id rely on it for any sort of home security or locks or anything important like that. It has worked really well with my lighting though, and one of its biggest features is that i can get multiple different vendors to work well with each other.

Instead of the starter kit i'd recommend just buying the hub on its own for cheaper and buying some ikea bulbs and a sensor. also CoRE is a great addition to SmartThings.
The problem with these products is, you are not going to end with this discounted £128.98. It's likely you are going to invest a lot more than that once you have had it. I know quite a few people have spent a few hundred or even more than one thousand pounds on them. So be prepared.
Heat just for the Avatar pic, Seagulls 🔵⚪🔵⚪🔵
I have a Very 20% of code they sent to me, it's of these ones where you can't use it on anything interesting but this may one of the few things that I could use it on.
Yes I agree as above, with this is its all work in progress you keep buying things to add to it to make your home smart, that's what it's all about about and learning, picking things up from other people.. Nothings ever easy with technology lol
It should be noted that the "new customer" price quoted in the title is actually for people signing up to a credit account, not just any random new buyer. So not only must a customer have a good credit history, but they also need to credit searched and sign up to the credit account in order to get that discount.
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Only 10% for electrical with that code. Cheaper from Amazon at the moment and no need to go through the Very credit assessment process which is long winded for the sake of a hub.
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