Samsung Smartthings Hub £49.99 Currys/PCWorld/Ebay

Samsung Smartthings Hub £49.99 Currys/PCWorld/Ebay

Found 29th MarEdited by:"joeyjoejoe206"
These have been this price before, but I think this is the lowest price for this year (seems to have been this price for a few weeks but I dont think anybody else has posted it)

I was looking for some smart home kit, and have opted for the xiaomi sensors to pair with this hub. The benefits of this being the community, and uk setup/power adapter when compared to the xiaomi hub.
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Been posted before.
@joeyjoejoe206 good choice ST hub with Xiaomi sensors.
justonemorepie28 m ago

Been posted before.

Thanks, i saw previous posts at the same price but they had all expired.
Been going in and out if stock at this price for the last few weeks.
It was in the 10% off sale before the 20th March, as they were in the shops (but no stock near me)

However, I got one last Friday in the ebay 20% off sale, to replace my broken Xiaomi hub.
Also this price at Amazon, also in and out of stock.
33553171.jpgSeems some of the sensors are half price at Curry's ATM.
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