Samsung ST500 Digital Camera - (12MP, 4.6x Optical Zoom) Dual Screen £139.99 at Amazon
Samsung ST500 Digital Camera - (12MP, 4.6x Optical Zoom) Dual Screen £139.99 at Amazon

Samsung ST500 Digital Camera - (12MP, 4.6x Optical Zoom) Dual Screen £139.99 at Amazon

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price drop - first time below £150 in the past 6 weeks i've been watching this camera

Hidden front 1.5 LCD: shows you exactly what the picture will look like
Rear 3.0 Wide 230k TSP: touch screen with Smart Gesture User Interface
Storage medium Micro-SD card (not included)
27 mm wide angle, 4.6x Optical Zoom
720P HD Movie / H.264 Format, HDMI

Two choices available at time of posting Black/Red or Black/Silver


This seems a decent camera, plus it has 720p video recording, nice.
Probably better than getting one of those Flip video cameras...

"You can get it in any colour, as long as its black"

I really like the look of this, though I've never owned a Samsung camera before. The specs compared to my IXUS 75 are more impressive which makes it very tempting.

The zoom is not that great TBH

I need a camera, was looking at the TZ7, yes its more, and this is great for the price, just not worth the rrp

ThankYou xxx

I was looking at this too but samsungs do drink batteries so I got the fuji finepix s2000HD 10mp 15optical 4,3 digital and records at 1268x768 for £160 at jessops with free del

Hmm... not so tempted after reading the reviews from the above links. Think I'll wait for another price drop on a Lumix.

The TZ7 seems to be a pretty good camera, however it's a lot chunkier than this looks to be - so this is going to be less hassle to keep in a pocket and grab to take a pic as needed.

I want to get a saller camera, but so far am always drawn back to the 24mm/F2 lens on my LX3, despite it being a fair bit chunkier with minimal zoom.

have this camera since last november. its been sent back once because the memory card wouldnt eject also make sure you use a class 6 card if you use the high deff video function as it will surely crash if you dont. apart from that its a pretty good camera the high deff video is really superb

sorry just checked its the 550 we have a slighty better model and a bit more money but basically this one


Some reviews … Some reviews >http://www.digicambuyer.co.uk/cameras/samsung/st500http://www.trustedreviews.com/digital-cameras/review/2010/01/19/Samsung-ST500/p1I can't find it on camera specific review sites such as dpreview which is a shame. Maybe this isn't the kind of camera they like to review.

I believe this is the same camera but has a different number as it is the US market.

I'm not voting on this one. Its because of that insanely annoying advert that claims 2 screens for twice the fun. I don't know about anyone else but taking and posing for pictures is sort of the pause in the fun if fun photos are your thing. Never have I been in a scenario when the act of taking the photo was the part of the night that I remembered. I know I'm being a bit victor Meldrew here but some things were sent to grate on my nerves, and along with Piers Morgan and children who swear in the street; that advert is one of them.

I have this camera already, it's a good video camera For actual photos though, it does tend to blur a bit so quality is not all there but it's way better than the Sony Cybershot I used to have. I use it mainly for the video camera mainly now but if you're planning on getting this, an external micro-SD card is your friend. And yes, I did buy this mainly for the 2-screen function! Which is mega useful when using it just at home for yourself (no dirty comments about that :P). I still love this camera. It's a lot smaller/thinner/lighter than I thought it would be as well. So anyway, voted hot
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