Samsung Stainless Steel American Style Fridge Freezer @ Dixons
Samsung Stainless Steel American Style Fridge Freezer @ Dixons

Samsung Stainless Steel American Style Fridge Freezer @ Dixons

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Thanks to those who helped me post the picture!

Use AW20 to get price. Bargain stainless steel American fridge freezer at the same price as the cheapest plastic-fronted types. Doesn't have drink dispenser, but that's a plus for me as they waste so much freezer space. Just took a drive to my local Currys to view it before buying, and it's a pretty beast. As nice looking as those Maytag's for 3 times the price.

Don't forget quidco - 3% (I did)

The Samsung RSH1NBRS American style fridge freezer provides a spacious and stylish storage solution combined with clever Samsung technology.

Featuring Samsung's Twin Cooling system, the freezer and fridge compartments have their own evaporator ensuring a humidity level of 43% for the fridge. This is great for prolonging the shelf life of your food while retaining flavour. The fridge has a capacity of 12.4 cu ft while the freezer can accommodate a capacity of 7.34 cu ft.

The Samsung RSH1NBRS also houses a LED tower light for the fridge that saves space and gives brilliant illumination while big box storage in the freezer allows for easier access to frozen meat and poultry.

Antibacterial protection comes as standard with the Samsung RSH1NBRS and is built into the fridge liners to prevent the build up of mould, providing a safe and hygienic environment for your food and keeping your fridge a more hygienic storage area.

The Samsung RSH1NBRS is rated 'A' for energy efficiency and is ideal for those who value both space and value.



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Thanks bobbins! Could you add the name of the retailer & the price to the title please as we try to include these

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almost at the same time sadiebabes :friends:


almost at the same time sadiebabes :friends:

Great minds - eh?! :lol:

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Did you manage to post the pic yourself or did Sadie do it for you?

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all by myself.

ta for the advice.

these new fangled computer things leave me in a bit of a tiz.

I have been using the model with an ice dispenser and you will realise how cool it is only after using it.

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It maybe cool but it's an extra £200 + the cost of plumbing it in. What's wrong with a tap and an ice tray!!!?

The ice and drinks dispensers take up waaay to much fridge and freezer space, i was shocked, i got this model instead.

I have the ice maker one and would not change it for anything, the water is filtered adn cold and much better than straight from the tap - Mine is a Samsun Silver American Fridge and only cot £699 from Comet

Those ice dispensers are amazing once you've used them. If the price is right, of course. Get one that can make slush/crushed ice and large sliced/cubed ice.

The ice dispenser is wonderful when it workes, but Samsung after sales is appalling.
I've been waiting 7 MONTHS! for Samsung to fix mine.
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