Samsung Steel Vodafone Unlimited texts £10 a month with QuidCo!!!

Samsung Steel Vodafone Unlimited texts £10 a month with QuidCo!!!

Found 24th Jan 2009
Samsung Steel 3.2mp

Unlimited texts

£15 a month

£90 quidco cashback


already posted on payg

£10 a month?
But then you say £15 a month ?
18 month contract, with 0 minutes?
Personally, I know that I will make calls over 18 months

yep and it will be a hefty bill if making calls

About this offer
The sleek lines of the Samsung Steel's full metal jacket could be yours for just £15 a month - down from £20 a month. That's 25% off on a 24 month plan, with 200 minutes and unlimited texts. Plus its polished good looks are exclusive to Vodafone.

The Samsung Steel has a music player that lets you store up to 8GB of tunes when you add a microSD card, for a playlist to rival any superstar DJ's. And with download speeds up to 7.2Mbps, the lightning-quick 3G connection lets you browse, email and download without hanging around.

There's also a 3.2 megapixel camera with 3x zoom and a clever feature that takes up to 15 shots at a time. Ready for your close-up?

Apologies, didnt see the 24 month offer . Mind you, the phone is cheap at the mo, so it might be worth hunting around on the PAYG / 1 month rolling contract deals too.
Personally, I just use cashback deals. Have not paid a penny (after rebates) in 6 years.
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