Samsung Stereo Bluetooth Headset £14.38 @ Mobileplace

Samsung Stereo Bluetooth Headset £14.38 @ Mobileplace

Found 6th Jul 2009
The Samsung SBH-100 lets you take charge, control and listen your music completely wire free in high quality stereo sound. Supporting advanced Bluetooth AD2P & AVRCP technology, the SBH-100 lets you stream high quality stereo music via Bluetooth from any compatible handset.

Not only listen, but take charge of your music. You can play, forward, rewind though songs, and adjust the volume all completely wire free. Take charge of not only your music, but your calls also. Built in microphone and Bluetooth headset support lets you make and receive calls wireless. When calls are received, the music stops automatically and the call routed though the SBH-100. When the calls over, the music starts again.

Looks like a good bargain to me


Ordered.Bluetooth headphones = music at work = day goes quicker.£16.91 with postage though still a bargain

price is shown at £19.55 unless I am missing some discount thats not shown.

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Price was £14.38 plus delivery at lunch time, looks like they have hiked the price up.

Glad I ordered earlier at the cheaper price.

Still a good price though


Is it fully comptible with iPhone 3G/3Gs? There's no mention of it, so I assume not

Available again. For what it is woth I think this is technology for the sake of it. You stll have a wire between each headphone so why not to the phone! I have tried similar from Sony and uless they have improved them, the phone has to be very close by, so there appears to little point to them.
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