Samsung SWA-4000 5.8GHz Wireless Rear Speaker Kit £19.97 @ Currys
Samsung SWA-4000 5.8GHz Wireless Rear Speaker Kit £19.97 @ Currys

Samsung SWA-4000 5.8GHz Wireless Rear Speaker Kit £19.97 @ Currys

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Posting on the fly so this will be brief. Just got one of these is my local currys. Seems really cheap and will stop mrs complaining of having wires all over the place.


This is an unbelievable price!!! I think I paid over £100 for mine a few years ago and they work brilliantly. They do only work on systems like mine, which have a USB dongle slot to put the transmitter in that comes with the wireless rears. If yours is compatible they're well worth having.

Hell, at this price, the speakers that come with it are worth having alone!!


Still available on-line for £99.99 so a real bargain if you can get them at this price.

What store?

What's the sku on the receipt?

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It was in Cardiff newport road store. There were 2 on the shelf. Your text here

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Guys. Just to be clear this is just for the transmitter and receiver. It dosnt come with the speaker.

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Well it is... It a kit to make your rear speakers wireless. But I see your point...

Yep ,the speakers are £99.99 at my local Penzance store.Then add the price of your applicable Samsung specific surround sound system............not a great bargain.

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I think it's a good deal for people who aleady have a compatible system like myself and don't want wires all over the place. £99 to £20 is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Hot for me too. Just got one. (_;)

Seems this RECEIVER only works with certain Samsung surround sound units - ie requires a compatible Samsung TRANSMITTER capability too (as Stefor described earlier) - ie it isn't a general purpose 'wireless' rear speaker solution for ANY surroun set up, but just the sorta bolt-on rear enabling wireless bit to complete a Samsung proprietary wireless solution !! Maybe wrong, but that's how I read it.

If it's the transmitter and receiver box, in my mind this is STILL a bargain at £20. A set of rear speakers can be had from anywhere, but the technology this purchase brings to your system can't be bought ANYWHERE for £20.


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Yeah this is the transmitter card and receiver. I got the guy in the shop to openthe box and check. (even though the box said TRANSMITER AND RECIVER KIT)

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... Bit you WILL need a compatible samsung player.

If anyone is interested, there is still one in Rhyl and one in the Liverpool branch according to the sales assistant at the Stockport branch, as he checked their computer. Worth giving these branches a ring though before making the journey.

Nothing doing in Halifax. No stock per computer (although price showed as 19.99) and the "expert" didn't even seem to know what it was!

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Don't get me started! I asked if some on could help me and this 17 year old girl told me it works in all TVs... Pathetic. I've set mine up its amazing. If you can find one get it!

I take it that although this thing makes your rear speakers wireless from your main unit, the speakers still have to get power to work so the reciever end of it must plug into a wall socket?

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Yes thats correct.
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