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Samsung The Freestyle Full HD HDR Smart TV LED Projector +Free Battery Base & Galaxy A52s Mobile phone - £449 @ Reliant Direct

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Free battery base when added to basket (Battery base link) and claim the A52s here - 2021.samsungpromotions.claims/freestylea52/en-GB/qualifying

Reliant direct are a participating retailer


A small and compact projector that’s powerfully packed and flexible by design. Simply point, and play.

Take The Freestyle everywhere you go* and improvise a screen up to 100", on any flat surface - from wall, to ceiling.

Gets the picture right, every time. Sharp image, straight screen, wherever you are. Just turn it on.

Powerful built-in speaker, for 360-degree audio on the move.

Wherever you go, The Freestyle brings you the same Smart TV experience as a Samsung Smart TV*

Portable, powerful, yet surprisingly simple. Meet The Freestyle - the Samsung Smart TV experience, with no boundaries.*

*Smart TV functionality requires internet connection. Product does not have TV tuner. **The Freestyle requires a separate power supply.

From wall to ceiling, The Freestyle's flexible stand allows you to adjust the angle by up to 180° in a few easy clicks. Simply find the perfect viewing angle, point, and play.

Meet The Freestyle. A small and compact projector that’s powerfully packed and cleverly designed.

Connect The Freestyle to an external battery pack to enjoy a portable screen, wherever you go.*

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G Smartphone Dual SIM Android Mobile Phone 6 GB RAM 128 GB Memory

Features & details

  • 6.5 Inch Infinity-O Display: with an FHD+ Super AMOLED display
  • Stunning Design: Sleek Curves And a seamless design, minimal camera housing blends in with the matte finish for an iconic look
  • Multi Camera System: Take photos to the next level with a 64MP main camera for crisp clear photos
  • 4500mah Battery: More time to do what you love with a long lasting battery, And Recharge Quickly With 25 W Of Adaptive super fast Charging Power
  • Do more at once: With processing power of up to 6 GB RAM and up to 128 GB of Internal storage

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  1. Avatar
    Looks great! Anyone got one?
    Yes, bought it last week for this price with the free phone bundled but no battery.

    If you're used to using projectors you'll find it very dim. The smart TV software is very laggy. The auto-keystone isn't very effective.

    That said the picture quality at about 55inch in a dark room is very nice. (After you've changed some of the aggressive picture settings).

    I'm in two minds about returning it.

    An absolute joke that they ever charged £1000 for it. But at this price with the freebies, it's probably a good deal. Fun for parties, back garden, kids etc.
  2. Avatar
    If you can sell the phone for £200 and so the resulting cost is £250, I guess this isn't a bad deal - but this is a pretty damning review, I wonder if it's even worth it at all, if you need a super dark room for it to be legible, and the interface is sluggish? Is it maybe better to save the money towards a better model?

    I had one previously. As long as you are aware of the brightness limitations it is a very good unit - unlike anything else on the market.

    There is still a little lagging but Samsung optimised the Freestyle with firmware updates after this review was created.

    Assuming it is a portable projector you are after (if not then this is not the right projector for you), then if you want brighter - look to something like the Wemax Go Advanced laser portable (£600+), don't mind heavier, consider the XgImi Halo+ (£600+) or Wemax Dice (£400+), want the same brightness but with battery built in, the Xgimi Mogo Pro or Nebula Solar Portable are worth a look (£300+).

    There is also something to be said for not having the battery built in - much easier to transport internationally, in addition to the battery base it works with USB-C power banks which give much longer runtime and there is no battery in the unit itself to fail.

    For £250 - £300 after the phone value is deducted this represents good value in my opinion. Just make sure you have a micro HDMI lead if you want to plug anything into it. (edited)
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    Do you need to manually add the Mobile and battery into the basket?
    Add both to basket, seems to discount the base
  4. Avatar
    Probably better to get it for a tenner more from richer sounds for the 6 year warranty
    Richer sounds doesn't include the battery, they sell it for £159 extra
  5. Avatar
    What if you return projector without free battery base?
    I’m guessing your refund would be 150 light
  6. Avatar
    *Samsung Electronics (UK) Limited. United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Channel Islands or Republic of Ireland residents aged 18+ only. Purchase a new (i.e. not second hand) Samsung The Freestyle from a participating retailer (either in-store or online), between 06/04/2022 and 24/05/2022 and claim a black Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G by redemption. To claim, visit https://samsungpromotions.claims/freestyleA52 complete the claim form and submit it together with a scanned proof of purchase. Claims may only be submitted between 30 and 60 days from the date or purchase. Maximum 1 claim per purchase and 3 per household. To claim, and for full terms and conditions, see https://samsungpromotions.claims/freestyleA52
    That's an old redemption. This is a new one, different link.


  7. Avatar

    I wonder what it will (won't) contain!!
  8. Avatar
    Not biting until I get one free in Shreddies.

    I give it twio weeks at this rate.
    With grocery inflation, it won't be long before you hope they start giving away a box of Shreddies with these.
  9. Avatar
    Apparently reviews are not great despite the freebies
    The reviews are based on a £800-£1k projector

    If you sell the phone for £200 this become a £250 projector which includes a £100 battery.

    Reviewed at that price it would be completely different.

    Excellent value for money at that price range.
  10. Avatar
    What a deal ♨️ You Save £550.00 on the projector etc even before claiming for the phone. (edited)
    Well.... it is a good deal but Samsung has been having to heavily discount these for a while now after just about everybody and their dog agreed that the RRP was hilariously over priced.
  11. Avatar
    Is the free phone 100% guaranteed or at least 95% guaranteed?
    Never had problems with Samsung cashback, so I can't see why there will be problems with this promotion. There is a link in description on this deal, click on it. It will take you to the promotion. You can read there, you'll get your answer. (edited)
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    Would this work as a TV in a bedroom? Just weighing up options
    Fact that it has android tv you're set to go for streaming. You just won't get free to air channels as it doesn't have a tuner. If you want one like a full fat TV go for LG PF1000u projector which is ultra short throw and has freeview.. speaker on it isn't great as its tiny but if you use Bluetooth speaker or sound bar you're set.

  13. Avatar
    Does this get hot? Is the fan noisy?
    Yeah I have it. Great projector. But does get hot. Fan is on all the time. Doesn't go on and off like a laptop. Measured around 49-52db. Cna hear it in a quiet room quite clearly. Like a bedroom but once sound is playing you can't.
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    Okay so I need a hdmi to hdmi adapter amazon or eBay I take it
    You'll need a micro hdmi to hdmi cable, don't get a mini hdmi as it's the wrong one.


    I've ordered this one as i don't like the chunky adapters that slot onto the end of a normal hdmi port. This with the little extended cable should hopefully take the strain off the micro hdmi in on the freestyle.
  15. Avatar
    Daft question where does it say you can apply for the free phone samsung A52s when buying the projector thanks
  16. Avatar
    48306127-zUCil.jpgAny one received tracking details of your order from Reliant? Mine says order complete, but no tracking details. (edited)
    I ordered on Thursday and still don't have a tracking number, the best free delivery date I could get was tomorrow so still time.

    EDIT, just I as sent that message I got a text with my tracking, doesn't show tracking on the website yet though.

    48306681-SaZyd.jpg (edited)
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    There's gonna be a "twig" point with this lot at Reliant if they haven't already reached it.

    It's no accident that every retailer under the sun was *previously* offering free batteries with these units. It was fulfilled by the retailers, as a bundle, at the point of purchase.... But it was clearly a Samsung-pushed promo, and MUST have been Samsung meeting the cost. Which means, that there was some mechanism in place for the retailers to claim some sort of credit/reimbursement for the value of the "free" batteries that were pushed as part of the promotion.

    Do Reliant Direct know that they aren't gonna be able to claim anything from Samsung for these batteries? Do we really think they proactively decided to/are content to just be giving them away on their own accord? Even when Samsung are sweetening the pot for consumers by shelling out free mobiles directly to buyers?

    Can't help but feel this hasn't landed on the desk of the right person at reliant, who might discover upon checking that they're gonna have to meet the cost of these batteries themselves.
    Yeah I'm thinking the same, the free battery promo ended on the 20th and the free phone started on the 21st. There's no mention on their site of the free phone so we'll see what turns up tomorrow.
  18. Avatar
    250 for the phone Makes this 200 quid for the project and battery, cant lie thats a steal.
  19. Avatar
    Anybody know when the deal ends, payday is Friday
    You can buy it with PayPal, pay in 4 so you have 4 months to pay it off.
  20. Avatar
    Was thinking of getting one for camping... Should be a no brainer now, especially as I need a cheap phone for one of my kids as well, but people's experiences seem pretty poor :/ I guess those opinions were at twice the price though yeah?
    You call £300+ a cheap phone for your kid? Hope the child is not 7, my wife thinks a £200 phone for herself is an expensive phone😃 (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Not you again @MrSwitch hahahaha trying hard not to pull the trigger on this. I was eying this up a few months back to add to my remote working setup, this is marking it that much easier to do so, great spot man.
  22. Avatar
    Gutted when the Samsung £250 offer was refused. This seems better. Thanks!
  23. Avatar
    Bought, you've found another great deal Mr Switch
  24. Avatar
    Sigh *paypal credit*
    I bought 3 sets and tried paypal "pay in 3", it was approved and took the first payment, then I clicked complete order and it said invalid paypal token. Ended up just paying from my account and spent 10 mins on the phone to paypal to get the £450 first payment refunded.
  25. Avatar
    Heat for the add on !
  26. Avatar
    Heat added
  27. Avatar
    Cheers for this deal, was considering replacing my M1+. This was not on the radar to be honest but 450 with battery and phone is a bargain despite it's short comings so ordered one thanks.
  28. Avatar
  29. Avatar
    Great deal this
  30. Avatar
    Ahh damn brought this from richer sounds in the recent deal. Battery case would have been ideal. Great deal tho. Bargain. Heat. Asked Richer sounds to price match as apparently they price match bundles too. Let's see fingers crossed. (edited)
    They’ll likely say no due to warranty, they wouldn’t price match the resent Hisense L5 projector deal with amazon (sold and dispatched by Amazon direct, 2 year warranty) as it wasn’t a “compatible warranty”… their loss over £300 (I ordered the Amazon one) 🤷🏼‍♂️ (edited)
  31. Avatar
    Technically the free battery offer ended on the 20th September. So I wouldn't bank on these orders going through, I've still ordered though.
    Well, it is clearly itemised in my order, so I'll be kicking up a fuss if it isn't included.
  32. Avatar
  33. Avatar
    Thanks MrSwitch!!!!
  34. Avatar
    Bought - good spot as usual MrSwitch (edited)
  35. Avatar
    Couldn't resist just bought it. Wife wanted the phone so this worked out for me. Sorted for garden parties. (edited)
  36. Avatar
    Interesting if JL can price match this deal...
    My local JL had this on clearance for £369 (no base) last week
  37. Avatar
    Oh just seen you'd have to wait for 30 days before submitting a claim for a phone. And then they usually have 45 days to send it....
    Well should be here by Christmas:)
    And by that time cex will offer about £120
  38. Avatar
    Tempted with this but keep seeing different reviews. Anyone got any recommendations for others around this price point?
    If you sell the phone for £250 then this projector will be as good as the next in the £200 price point plus free battery
  39. Avatar
    Would richer sounds match this with free battery base as my nephew just bought one from them other day?
    no, richer sounds said they offer 6 years warranty whereas realiant only does 1 so the deal is different and wont be matched, but feel free to try
  40. Avatar
    Was thinking of doing it £150 each approx
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