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SAMSUNG Type-C Memory Stick - 128 GB - £13.99 Free Collection @ Currys

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About this deal

- Move files between your iPad, phone, laptop and other USB Type-C devices
- With up to 400 Mbps you can transfer large files in seconds
- The compact metal case is waterproof and shockproof, so this USB stick is built to last

5 year warranty!

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USB-C storage on the go
One drive to store it all. Ergonomically designed and tailored for the ubiquitous USB Type-C™ port. Supported by Samsung NAND flash, this sleek drive combines reliable performance with the flexibility and power to scale across multiple devices.

Performance at speed
No need to choose between performance and reliability. Experience a fast, powerful flash drive that transfers 4GB files in just 11 seconds¹ with up to 400MB/s² USB 3.1³ read speeds and is backward compatible with USB 3.0/2.0. This is Samsung's quality NAND flash memory in action.

Modern meets iconic
This USB-C drive looks as good as it performs. The ultra-sleek body with a mystic blue finish is a statement in and of itself. Featuring a reversible plug orientation, the Type-C™ inserts into your devices seamlessly every time. Transfer large files with style and ease.

All-round connectivity
Compatible with your type USB-C devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones and cameras, this pocket-sized drive comes in handy wherever you go. With up to 256GB capacity, there is enough space for 63,730 photos¹ or maximum 12 hours of 4K video².

Tough & Trusted
Files stay secure, anywhere you go. Samsung's leadership in flash memory makes the Type-C™ a trustworthy drive to store your valuable data. It works with a waterproof¹, shock-proof², magnet-proof³, temperature-proof⁴, and X-ray-proof⁵ body, backed by a 5-year limited warranty⁶

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  1. Avatar
    Can it be converted to normal usb? 😄
    You can get a short adapter about £7 quid
    I use them all the time and handy to have
  2. Avatar
    Great USB stick.
  3. Avatar
    Fellas, don't forget possible 6% Quidco Cashback (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Is encryption possible? What would you recommend to encrypt? TIA
    Just bit locker
  5. Avatar
    Just grabbed one yesterday. Had ordered a 256gb one from the Amazon deal a few weeks ago but arrived dead. Seem to be OOS everywhere on the 256 model. I wonder if a new version is due, hence the sale prices.
  6. Avatar
    I bought my first USB stick for £12 in 2003. It was 128mb.

    Damn tech has improved!
    hahaha I know
  7. Avatar
    Thank you I ordered one
  8. Avatar
    Cracking price. Have reserved one
    Should be great for moving files in between phone and the switch
    Out of interest, what are you adding/taking off the switch?
  9. Avatar
    No deal.
  10. Avatar
    Shame none near me, need Amazon to prize match
    Funnily enough, Amazon already DID, but for the 256GB variant of this own drive though - and yes, the same Samsung one at Curry's too, etc. :-D

    So, perhaps the 128GB offering of the same, is next up in line, or something?. ;-)
  11. Avatar
    Good deal.
  12. Avatar
    Have reserved one for myself. Worth a punt at this price.
  13. Avatar
    Bought thanks op
  14. Avatar
    How are the speeds? Any experience with that stick?
    Seem decent, well reviewed on amazon.
  15. Avatar
    Got a cancellation email with no explanation. Anyone else in the same boat?