Samsung u5 4gb mp3 player in White or black £8.75 instore in asda

Samsung u5 4gb mp3 player in White or black £8.75 instore in asda

Found 4th Jun 2011
A great little mp3 player. They had various on sale but this seemed to be the best deal (cheaper than some 2gb players). White and black were this price, they also had pink but it cost much more and was no way near as nice!..

I got a White one!

This was spotted in the asda in canary wharf. Though the tickets were proper ones on the shelf rather than some kind of bargain bucket, so should be nationwide.

There is also a sticker on the box saying it comes free with 50 mp3's!


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Looking at the box (nicely packaged like an iPod) this also has fm radio!

nice find..

Great find , though I just phoned my local asda (Motherwell) and they had it in stock and she checked the price unfortunately it was £35 looks store specific ....shame

Wow this is hot, if only it were online!

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Be sure they checked the right one, a number if different models, colours and gb's at different prices...

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SKU for the White one 880899330395 if it helps

Bought the 2GB U5 for 15 pounds

Great if you manage to actually find any at your local,worth a try though.
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