Samsung U600 Refurb on Orange + FREE 2GB memory card £44.99 delivered

Samsung U600 Refurb on Orange + FREE 2GB memory card £44.99 delivered

Found 25th Sep 2008Made hot 25th Sep 2008
Limited Stock: This is a weekend only offer and stock is limited, act now to avoid disappointment. Previous offers have sold out within 24 hours.

The Samsung U600 is helping form the lineup for the new Ultra Edition II range. Measuring an incredible 10.9mm in thickness, the U600 may be thin on size but not on features.

* 3.15 mega pixel camera
* MP3 Player
* Bluetooth with A2DP
* Quad-Band
* Talk 3.5 hrs

* Standby 10.5 days
* Weight 81g
* 103.5 x 49.3 x 10.9
* Polyphonic Ringtones
* Micro SD compatible


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good price but I've had a U600 and don't rate it at all, terrible battery life and signal, over sensitive 'touch' buttons and full of really naff 'features' such as replacing certain words in your texts with little animations (very annoying!!). I ditched mine and went back to an old K800i I had knocking about.

I had a U600 for 2 month on contract and had to sell it. It is without doubt the most annoying phone I have ever had. I now have an iphone and love it...

Qiuidco £5


seems a good deal, a quick google search shows these are usualy £80 without any memory

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Qiuidco £5

unfortunately not, Orange Accessories is actually a separate company (run by Dextra Solutions), so no Quidco there...

Not the easiestto use then... I was thinking this could do my mam for Christmas, but she managed to mess up the SE k750 I passed on to her so maybe not!

I too must concur this phone is terrible, had it for 6 months of an 18m contract. Had to get rid, battery was a day if i was lucky, buttons flat so end up pressing 3 at once. grrrr

Good price but for what you are getting, dont bother

Great price but i concur with other reviewers, i had this phone for one day before i sent it back! the touch sensitive buttons were hopeless

Voted hot.

Got one of these from ebay (apparently) faulty, but works fine for £8 delivered phone + charger.

Service Unavailable: at 23.30


Bargain deal thanks to OP BUT in my opinion recon phones from DEXTRA are far from reconditioned, they usually look battered and bruised, on the plus side they will take them back no quibbles and refund you.

Had this phone for a couple of months and hated it. So much happier with anything Nokia or SE, don't think I'll ever get a Samsung again!

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who's expired it??? It's still available

why expired


still available?

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still available?



has anyones arrived yet? I ordered on friday afternoon but nothing from the postie this morning?

edit: can still buy to i think?

mine arrived today, but unfortunately it is locked to orange. Please any one can tell me how to unlock it freely....
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